John Lennon (John Winston Lennon): 1940-1980
One of the most important figures in rock history. The most memorable of all The Beatles' members and one of the band's main songwriter, together with Paul McCartney. His influences is not limit to only the musicianship, but also the cultural, social, economic, and political impact as well.
Bob Dylan (Robert Allen Zimmerman): 1941-present
One of the most influential American artist in music history. He had brought the folk music from college music to the mainstream. His works set the ground of many music styles, such as folk-rock, blue, and (some say even rap). The Beatles' shift toward introspective songwriting would have never happened without him. He was the first to use the electric guitar in folk music. He also proved that a singer doesn't have to have a conventionally good voice.
Black Sabbath: 1969-1977
One of the first bands who set the standard of heavy metal rock music. Their music influences many follower rock bands including Metallica, Faith No More, Motley Crue, and The Cult.
Anthrax: 1981-present
The very first metal band who cooperated rap music into metal rock with Public Enemy. The influence of Anthrax leads to many of the heavy rock bands existing today such as Pantera, Biohazard, and Disturbed.
Motley Crue: 1981-present
Composed the first power metal ballad, "Home Sweet Home" in 1983, which started the custom of power ballad in heavy metal music. (and probably started the decline in metal music.)
Kurt Kobain (Kurt Donald Cobain): 1967-1994
One of the most influential musician in alternative rock history. The popularity of his band, Nirvana, pushed the indie music into the mainstream market. His musicianship has influenced alternative rock music played by many rock bands existing today.
Jimi Hendrix (James Marshall Hendrix): 1942-1970
Created the unique electric guitar rock sound which no one have never played like him before or since. He created the distinctive sound of astra-quality feedback and roaring distortion from his innovative amplification experiments. His talented and musicianship have influenced many rock guitarists including Peter Frampton, Steve Morse, Michael Schenker, Sting, Santana, Little Jimmy King, Slash, and Van Halen.
The Beatles: 1960-1970
The most influential band in rock & roll history. They created and experimented new way of rock music like no one have ever done before. Their smooth and innovative musics have captivated people for generations. Their musicianship created many following bands in many later generations including The Animals, The Byrds, The Carpenters, Peter Frampton, Fleetwood Mac, Jethro Tull, and The Tubes.
The Yardbirds: 1963-1968
The band which created three greatest guitarists in rock and roll history: Jimmy Page (later as Led Zeppelin), Eric Clapton (later as Cream, Blind Face, Derek and The Dominos, then Solo), and Jeff Beck (later as Solo).
Chuck Berry (Charles Edward Anderson): 1926-present
Chuck Berry is considered as one of the pioneers of rock and roll music. His music became the standard for any rock bands in the later generations, including The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, etc. He is also a great song writer and many of his songs have been covered by a lot of following artists.
Buddy Holly (Charley Hardin Holley): 1936-1959
Is voted as one of the most influential artists in rock and roll music. Eventhough, his music career was pretty short (only 18 months), he became one of the most creative song writer and composor in the 50's. His music and sound have influenced many rock and roll artists and bands for many generations including The Crickets, and Rolling Stones.
The Who: 1964-present
One of the most influential bands in punk rock music and the early band who displayed their auto-destructive art including destroying their instruments at the end of the show. They are considered as the third most successful from the British invation after The Beatles and Rolling Stones. Their music influence many bands including David Bowie.
Gram Parson: 1946-1973
Is considered as the father of country rock. He created the concept of a rock band playing country music. Without him we might not have Eagles and R.E.M.
Tom Scholz: 1947-present
Is the first person who created “arena rock” used his designed equipment such as 12 track recording devices. His works hav influenced many rock bands such as Mr. Big, Bon Jovi, White Lion, and Dream Theater (of course).
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