Prince: Love Sexy (1988)
This is so wrong.....
Bloodhoundgang: Hefty Fine (2005)
Oh My God!....I think there is something wrong with my receiver......O_O
Manowar: Anthology (1997)
I do not have a problem with hot guys put gladiator suit on in the movie. But on the album!? If you ask someone who doesn't know Manowar, they might think this is another porn dvd (with a lot of oils!). I am sure they look so titan and ready to conquer all right.
Birth Control: Operation
So disgusting!? Is that a giant grasshopper creature type trying to eat or (please...) split those kids out. Very offensive and gross...
Birth Control: Operation (UK Version)
What are they thinking to put eal in the condom? so does that suppose to control birth? I don't think so!
Man: Man (1971)
I do not know what to say...man!...please get some cloths on....
Unrest: Malcolm X Park (1988)
I have absolutely no idea what this means......very poor art and drawing.......but hey! what matter is music, right?
Butthole Surfers: Electriclarryland (1996)
Very disturbing and frightening image
The Cure: The Cure (2004)
I know I know....some people might say this is kind of innovative. I hope that the music inside is not bad as the outside drawing.
Boned: Up at the Crack (2004)
YES, very straight forward indeed....hard and boned..
Prince: Prince (1979)
Oh! Hell No!...
The Fall: Are You Are Missing Winner (2001)
Is this some kind of camera malfunction or something? or a failure in developing process. And please...no more Star War script intro....
Saxon: Saxon (1979)
Come On! guys this is debut album, you should be able to do a lot better for Saxon's to launch their career. This looks like a low budget barbarian comic.
Bob Dylan: Saved (Columbia, 1980)
“A very hard cover to take even for a lifelong Dylan enthusiast. It makes you wish that Columbia had let him do his double live record instead just so we could have avoided this wince-inducing artwork.” – Zayne Reeves

“The worst of Dylan's many terrible covers.   Being saved never looked so unappealing.” – Matt Conroy
Stryper: Soldier Under Command (1985)
I understand the concept of this album about the soldiers. However, futuristic soldiers might make them look stupid, don't you think?
Big Black: Songs About Fucking (1987)
Ah....what am I suppose to feel like when I got this album?
Battleaxe: Burn This Town (1983)
Another very cheap drawing cover. Bad color, bad drawing, and what is going on between the axe and motorcycle?
Manowar: Into Glory Ride (1983)
Ah Ha, another conquer the war by the great Manowar. First they tried to be the gladiators. Now to the new world, let's became the loincloths barbarian and ride to the victory!
Neil Diamond: Hot August Night (MCA/Universal, 1972)
“I can't believe I nominated the winner, or should I say loser. Anyway, what's Neil doing with his hands that makes the night so hot?” – Mike Alves

“ This is just hideous.   The jumpsuit, the hair, the fact that it's a live Neil Diamond record, and especially whatever it is Neil is looking at and doing with his hand.   What you do on hot August nights is for your private time, Neil.” – Russell Bartholomee

“I like Neil Diamond an awful lot but this might as well be an outtake from Spinal Tap.” – Zayne Reeves
The Rolling Stones: Dirty Work (Virgin, 1986)

“How do you go from Let It Bleed and Sticky Fingers to this?” – Zayne Reeve

“It's no coincidence that this is one of the Stones' worst albums. The clashing colors are almost painful to look at, and Charlie looks like he's falling asleep down at the bottom.” – Adam D. Miller

Frankly, look like The Stone going to the South Beach. Jagger's pants try to compete with Vanilla Ice's.

Wolf: Wolf (2004)
Somebody please help me. What exactly is this creature? Look like a mix between wolf, bear, lion, and baboon. The artist even put his name for it. I am sure he will get a lot of works after this.
Bob Dylan: Shot Of Love (Columbia, 1981)
“It's a shame that a record containing ‘Every Grain of Sand,' arguably the great man's finest song, also sports a cover that would have been rejected by Christopher Cross.” – Zayne Reeves

“Kaboom!   Dylan offers a Shot of Love .   Get it?   I don't either.” – Adam D. Miller
The Fall: Levitate (1997)
I have absolutely no idea what is this about?
Anthrax: Fistful of Metal (1984)
Very direct it is. Metal fist on the mouth. I believe you can see the guy's tongue coming out.
Cancer: The Gory End (1990)
Many say that fans always response to their music in many different way and this is one of the extreme way.
David Lee Roth: Skyscraper (1988)
I would like to say that many of David Lee Roth's albums are very bad. But I am very honor to pick the baddest and most innovative one from his mind. What is the point of this, seriously?
Dethkorps: Metal Tit
Yeah! don't mess with the metal tit!....it is very seriouly dangerous!
Eulenspygel: 2
In somehow, I find this album is very disturbing. I might have to stop eating chicken for a while.
Heavy Lord: Stronger Than Evil (1983)
Oh! heavy lord all right...very bad art done here. Our lord looks very confused and grumpy.
Mick Jagger: Wandering Spirit (1993 )
I do not know what Mick thought. Maybe, he tried to cross into another aspect and dimension (soft side maybe), but with the cover that looks like try to compete with Prince's. There are so many other way to wander your spirit.
Knorkator: Hasenchartbreaker (1999)
Is this the KISS from hell? Are they trying to look like KISS? or they just don't know how to get the makeup right.
Exodus: Bonded by Blood (Alter Version)
"Ok, our first "kick-ass" album, we must put siam twin on our metal cover"
Knorkator: The Schlechtst of Knorkator (1998)
Another album from Berlin band, Knorkator. I find this one very disturbing. How can they come up with this idea?
Prince: Sexuality (1982)
Another the Prince's album which aimed his target audience toward gays and mustache fetish. Is there something on his butt cheek?
The Rolling Stones: Their Satanic Majesties Request (1967)
When Sgt. Peppers gone bad. You will get the great band with the french aide-de-camp, chevalier, and wizard!. Luckly, the only thing they done best with this album is the border infront of that white snow cloud (if I am right).
Ted Nugent: Scream Dream (Epic, 1980)
“This cover perfectly illustrates how Ted Nugent went from one of America's most promising young guitarists to a total weirdo very quickly.” – Adam D. Miller

“This is everything that's wrong with most metal album covers (it's only missing the degrading photo of a half naked woman [or is that in the liner notes?]).   I assume this was supposed to be edgy and somehow threatening, but as with most things related to the Motor City Madman (including that ridiculous nickname), it only makes me laugh.   And that's at Ted, not with Ted.   Perhaps the look of horror on Ted's face is due to the fact that he can't figure out how to bow hunt with guitars for hands.   Nice loin cloth, though.” – Russell Bartholomee
Stryken: First Strike
What is this? I think there is something wrong with this Christian metal group. This is not Christian. Especially the first gentleman with that "sticky finger". And what are they trying to be? Electridel men?
Mortiis: The Smell of Rain (2001)
This album of Mortiis features cave man with spock ears.
Pantera: Projects in the Jungle
For me, this is a very bad draughtsmanship. Cheap and could not tell what is this about?
Steve Walsh: Glossolalia (2000)
What is this?
Riot: Fire Down Under (1981)
I got this album long time ago and I still can not figure it out. What is this creature (whatever it is) gonna do with Fire Down Under?
Royaltrux: Sweet Sixteen (1997)
Ok, I think I probably have to grab my milk and go out for a little walk.
The Rolling Stones: 'Get Yer Ya-Ya's Out!' (1970)
As I understand, this is one of the greatest live albums from The Rolling Stones. But what is going on with that donkey?
Phil Collins: Face Value / Hello I Must Be Going / No Jacket Required / But, Seriously / Both Sides / Testify (6 Way Tie) (1981 - 2002)
This is one of my most difficult choices. Because Phil is such an amazing musician. First one with "Face Value" I totally understand it. Second one, kind of acceptable for looking where he might be going, but third with the red fruity, forth, fifth, and so on, that is no so appetite. With million album sold worldwide, he might think "Face might be the one" I think Phil might be considered on of the most popular close-up face appearing on the albums. And you can see he has tried everything already including very very close-up, side face, red face, yellow face, dark face, or even face of feeling guity to put too many on the album so he has to testify.
Paul McCartney: Give Me Regards To Broad Street (Capital, 1984)
“A little souvenir from a decade that, artistically speaking, Macca would probably like to forget.” – Zayne Reeves

“Yeah. Well, if you have seen the movie then you have seen something far worse than this album cover. Proof positive that the troubles Sir Paul has had recently are not the only stains on his career. None of this is as bad as Linda's singing, though.” – Mike Alves

“Paul seems awfully terrified of that weird shaped object” – Adam D. Miller
Elf: Elf (1972)
One of the most ugliest and frightenest elf of all elfs in every tales I know. Hope he can sell his record.
Damien: The Damien Story (2004)
Who come up with this idea of brand that girl cheek and you can see everything. Yes, quite a story it is.
Prince: Dirty Mind (1980)
I think Prince tried to expand his fans based to every genre. In his second album, he ensured that he could capture many gay cowboy fans. I think some guns should be nice!
Kingpin: Welcome To Bop City (1988)
Thank God! when the 80's is now over!
Furr: Furr (1977)
Who is this guy? Are they try to immitate Kiss group?
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