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Candlebox Blossom Candlebox - Blossom The multi-platinum grunge band Candlebox started their story with the success of the self-title debut in 1993. "Blossom" was the ballad that mixed the heavy sound with the pop/rock song.
Century Lover Why Lover Why - Century Century was a French rock band formed in 1979. The power ballad "Lover Why", from 1986's album And Soul It Goes, was their best known song. They split up in 1989.  
Chad Kroeger Hero Hero - Chad Kroeger Chad Kroeger is a well-known figure in the alternative rock world as the frontman of the Canadian superstar band Nickleback. He also made his own big hit when his power ballad "Hero", a duet with Saliva's Josey Scott, for the 2002's movie Spider Man soundtrack became top5 hit in both Canada and US.
Cheap Trick The Flame The Flame - Cheap Trick Suffer from the failures during the early 1980s, Cheap Trick made a comeback album in 1988 with the help of No.1 power ballad "The Flame".
Cher Just Like Jesse James Just Like Jesse James - Cher One of the queen of rock n' roll, Cher has proved over the decade that she does deserves that. In this Heart of Stone album, she delivered one of the rock favorite ballad "Just Like Jesse James". The song hit no. 8 on the Billboard Hot 100 single.
Chicago Hard to Say I'm Sorry/Get Away Hard to Say I'm Sorry - Chicago After change many things, including record label, Chicago made a huge comeback when this ballad top the chart in 1981.
  Hard Habit To Break Hard Harbit to Break - Chicago Chicago tried the follow the success of their no.1 ballad in the following album and succeed in putting this ballad in at no.3 in 1984. The album also was number 1 best seller in their career.
  You're The Inspiration you're the inspiration - chicago Another hit ballad from their most successful album, Chicago 17, also hit no.3 on Billboard chart.
  Will You Still Love Me? will you still love me - Chicago After the departure of Peter Cetera, Chicago hired Jason Scheff to be their new vocalist. On Chicago 18, he gave the band another top20 hit with the power ballad "Will You Still Love Me?" in 1987.
  If She Would Have Been Faithful if she would have been faithful - chicago Their eighteenth album spawned 2 top40 hits - both of them were ballad. Proved that power ballad still work well for this veteran pop group. "If She Would Have Been Faithful" climbed to no.17 on the chart.
  Look Away look away - chicago With Chicago 19 in 1988, the band gained four more top10 hits - yet strangely missed to become top10 album. Among those hits was their last no.1 hit - the pop power ballad "Look Away".
  What Kind of Man Would I Be? what kind of man - chicago Another hit ballad from 1988's Chicago 19, "What Kind of Man Would I Be?" was an tender ballad that reached no.5 on Billboard chart.
Chris de Burgh The Lady in Red This romantic and classic 1987 ballad is the most successful song of this British artist. It topped the chart in UK and hit no.3 in US. and remained the on the Billboard charts for respectfully 14 weeks.
Cinderella Nobody's Fool After the first singles could not hit the chart, Cinderella tried again with the ballad "Nobody's Fool". It became their first chart singles, which hit #13 in 1986.
  Don't Know What You Got This power ballad probably the band's most recognizable song. It hit #12 on the chart in 1988 and the album went double-platinum.
  Long Cold Winter "Long Cold Winter" is the great power ballad in the album. The song gives the dirty hard rock cinderella taste and power solid rhythm bass and drum. This is a great power ballad song.
  Heartbreak Station In 1990, Cinderella released another classic album Heartbreak Station. Even the album did not reach commercial success like Long Cold Winter, but the band still showed their songwriting talents in this album including the beautiful classic ballad "Heartbreak Stataion"
Circle II Circle Walls The former Savatage's vocolist Zachary Stevens formed the band Circle II Circle in 2003. The debut album Watching In Silence sounded less metallic than his Savatage years, especially the acoustic power ballad "Walls".
Collective Soul World I Know The Seattle alternative rock group Collective Soul released their best selling album, Collective Soul, in 1995. The album produced several hits, including the smooth ballad "World I Know".
Contraband Tonight You're Mine In 1991, the supergroup named Contraband released their second album Contraband and provided one of the great power ballad songs (Michael Schenker's style) called "Tonight You're Mine".  
Cornerstone Singing Alone In 2002, Cornerstone, the heavy metal band was formed by Royal Hunt bassist and ex-Rainbow singer, released their second album Human Stain in Denmark. Although, the band delivered their great songs with bombastic style, "Singing Alone" was also the ballad highlight of the album.
Counting Crows A Long December Counting Crows is an alternative rock band that was abled to grasp the public attention with their debut album in 1993. In their second album, Recovering the Satellites, they recorded a hit with the laid-back ballad "A Long December".
Creed With Arms Wild Open This alternative pop band from Florida became one of the biggest-selling band in US with the second album "Human Clay" and the no.1 ballad "With Arms Wild Open" on the Single Billboard Top 100 in 2000.
  Higher "Higher" is one of the signature songs from Creed. This powerful and emotional ballad ranged no.7 on the Single Billboard Top 100 in 2000. But the song sent the album to the no.1 in 1999 on Billboard 200, Top Canadian, and Internet Charts.
  My Sacrifice With their forth album in 2001, Creed showed that they did not need to change themselves in order to appeal the critics. 'Weathered' proved to be their another no.1 album and the grunge style ballad "My Sacrifice" became another top5 hit.
Crimson Glory Lost Reflection Mysterious silver mask band, Crimson Glory set their name on the metal arena with their first album Crimson Glory. With the powerful vacal, Lost Reflection was one of their most power ballads in their career "Lost Reflection".  
Crowded House Don't Dream It's Over This ballad from the former Split Enz members hit no.2 almost a year after the album released. It remains one of their only two hit in US.
Culture Club Victims The popular new wave band Culture Club created this power ballad in 1983 in their best album "Color by Numbers". The song was an international hit but never been released as singles in US.
Cyndi Lauper Time After Time Cyndi Lauper's 1984 debut album "She's So unusual" became a huge hit both on chart and MTV. Its ballad "Time After Time" hit no.1 the same year.
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