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Damn Yankees High Enough In 1990, Damn Yankees enjoyed a success on their debut album with the top ten ballad "High Enough". But they could not maintain their success and the group disbanded in 1993. Amazon MP3
Danger Danger I Still Think About You Danger Danger was one of the band that followed the glam metal trend in the late 80s. Their second album, Screw It, was released in 1992. It featured the standard metal ballad "I Still Think About You".  
Danzig Sistinas The third album of Danzig, Danzig III: How The Gods Kill, was argued to be their masterpiece. Not only the gruesome cover art by H.R. Giger, but also the atmospheric music that tried to represent the darkness of the lyric. Among them are haunting ballad "Sistinas". Amazon MP3
Dark Moor The Sound of Blade Dark Moor is one of Spain's longest-running metal band formed in 1994. They found national success with their second album, The Hall of the Olden Dreams, which established their market in many countries. All the songs were based on the real historic people including the ballad "The Sound of Blade".  
  Your Symphony The Gates of Oblivion was the third album of this Spanish metal experts, released in 2002. The band produced the soft neo-classical-style ballad "Your Symphony".  
Death Angel A Room With A View In their 3rd album, Act III, Death Angel went mainstream with both production and songs. They carefully composed and wrote the thoughtful songs including the fine and nice ballad "A Room With A View" Amazon MP3
Deep Purple Soldier of Fortune Although Stormbringer did not success much for Deep Purple, the album hit at on.20 on the Top Pop chart and is considered from all Purple fans one of the classic albums. The album features one of their great beautiful ballad "Soldier of Fortune" Amazon MP3
  Wasted Sunsets In 1984, Deep Purple reunited and released the best album reunion "Perfect Strangers" The album hit no.17 on The Billboard 200 and features their finest ballad "Wasted Sunsets" which hit no.12 on UK chart.  
  Love Conquers All Deep Purple's 1990 albumk Slaves and Masters, was a disappointing album for the band who used to be called the metal king. Despite the return of the guitarlist Ritchie Blackmore, the band failed to produced the strong results. "Love Conquers All" was a slow ballad of the album.  
  Nothing Else Matters This song appeared on an album 'Metallical Attack: Metallica The Ultimate Tribute' released in 1995. This Metallica's signature ballad was covered (as stated on the back cover) by Deep Purple featuring KISS. A video version also available on Youtube.  
Def Leppard Bringin' on The Heartbreak "Bringin' on The Heartbreak" is the power ballad from Def Leppard's second album. Its popularity on MTV brough the band their first platinum album in US  
  Love Bites The power ballad from their best album, Hysteria, is one of Def Leppard's most popular song. It hit no.1 in 1987 along with five other hit singles from the same album  
  Have You Ever Needed Someone So Bad The 1992's Adrenalize was the follow-up to Hysteria, and the first album after the death of their guitarist Steve Clark. Although it lost some sounds from previous two huge albums, the album became a hit and produced three top40 hits. Among them were the ballad "Have You Ever Needed Someone So Bad".  
  When Love & Hate Collide In 80's, Def Leppard reached their peak and became one of the best and most popular hard rock/heavy metal group of the decade. In this greatest hit album, not only they collect all of their classic songs but they also added the new great ballad single called "When Love & Hate Collide" in this album also.  
  Two Steps Behind Def Leppard proved themselves as a true power metal band. They released one of their successful albums, Retro Active in 1993 which hit on Billboard Album at number 9. In this album, "Two Step Behind" is considered one of their best ballad songs in the album.  
  Miss You In A Heartbeat Another great ballad from the 1993 leftover collection, Retro Active. "Miss You In A Heartbeat" was the only singles from this album to became top40 hit, at no.39 on Billboard chart that year.  
Demons & Wizards Fiddler on the Green This metal band was a joint side project of Blind Gardian's Hansi Kursch and Iced Earth's Jon Schaffer. The self-title debut album didn't sound much different from either one of their origin band including the ballad "Fiddler on the Green". Amazon MP3
Dio All the Fools Sailed Away In 1987, Dio delivered another successful album in their career, Dream Evil. Songs have much more texture and melody. One of them is the power ballad "All the Fools Sailed Away" Amazon MP3
Dionysus Don't Forget The 2002's Sign of Truth was the first album by this Swedish/German metal band. The album mainly followed the Germanic power metal style, although there were some light moment such as the ballad "Don't Forget". Amazon MP3
Dokken Alone Again The German pop-metal band Dokken found their first success in the band's second album. The power ballad "Alone Again" became one of their first hits thanks to MTV and radio plays. Amazon MP3
  Walk Away 1988's Beast from the East was the live album that presented most of Dokken's best songs. The album also contained one new studio recording "Walk Away", a powerful ballad that resembled the sound of their hit singles "Alone Again".  
Doro Fight By Your Side "Fight By Your Side" was the slow ballad from the German metal queen Doro in her 2002 album, Fight. She still managed to maintain her sound like her days with Warlock during the 80s. Amazon MP3
Dream Theater Another Day The 1992's Images and Words was one of the best album from this New York metal band, Dream Theater. This album fully showed the band's talent in songwriting and musicianship. The semi-ballad "Another Day" was among the highlight of the album.  
  Wait for Sleep "Wait for Sleep" was another piano-driven ballad from Dream Theatre's best album, Images and Words. This short song was composed entirely of piano and nothing else.  
  Hollow Years Dream Theatre though they want to go easy with their song crafting a bit in 1997's Falling Into Infinity. "Hollow Years" was a easy listening ballads in this less ambitious and power album. Amazon MP3
  Through Her Eyes In America, this song first appeared in Dream Theater's 2001 live album Live Scenes From New York. But this song was actually released as a singles a year before in Europe and Japan. "Through Her Eyes" was a gentle ballad and theie last singles so far. Amazon MP3
Dreamscape All I Need The German progressive metal from Munich, Dreamscape, released their third album 'End of Silence' in 2004. It contained the light ballad "All I Need".  
Dry Kill Logic Goodnight One of the darkness and disturbed heavy metal band, Dry Kill Logic put some of the deepest illness of human mind into their music. With the most aggressive melody and violent chorus, this is one of the sickest band around. Luckily, their inner human mind can still provided chilling ballad like "Goodnight". :=S Amazon MP3
Duran Duran Ordinary World This beautiful ballad about heart-broken man didn’t sound like any new wave songs that Duran Duran was good at. It proved to be a big hit and peaked at no.3 in 1993 Amazon MP3
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