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Magnum It Must Have Been Love Magnum was a British metal band from Birmingham since the mid 1970s. They received fair level of fame in Europe but rarely came to US. They hit the big time with Wing of Heaven, which hit several chart in UK in 1988. The album also included the good eighties-style power ballad "It Must Have Been Love".  
  When the World Comes Down In the mid 1980s, Magnum's popularity was starting to grow in Europe. And with the help of Queen's Roger Tylor, they released album Vigilante in 1986. "When the World Comes Down" was a rock ballad with religious-style chorus sound.  
  Back In Your Arms Again "Back In Your Arms Again" was a melodic sorrowful ballad from Magnum's 1994 Rock Art album. It was decided to be their last album. Not long after it was released, they did the farewell tour and broke up.  
  The Blue and the Grey After broke up for eight years, Magnum was back together again in 2002. In 2004, they released the album Brand New Morning, which contained the power ballad "The Blue and the Grey".  
Manowar Heart Of Steel With their album kings of metal, Manowar proclaim their highness through their statement "Other bands play, Manowar kills". Although songs are powerful and hard. Manowar also proved that they can be soften as well with their really few power metal ballad "Heart Of Steel" Amazon MP3
  Mountains When Manowar rushed to release their forth album trying to capture their success from previous album, Hail to England, they faced many problems along their production. The album was not successful as they expected. But the vietnam tale "Mountains" is truely their epic ballad from the album. Amazon MP3
  Courage Legendary power metal Manowar continued their saga with 1996 album, Louder Than Hell. Although the album received not so much positive review, the slow ballad "Courage" is still the best picked song by many critics and fans. Amazon MP3
  Swords in the Wind After six long years without any album released, Manowar finally released Warriors of the World in 2002. The album was a mix bag of many side of the band. There were some strong moments including the power ballad "Swords in the Wind".  
Marillion Lavender Although they didn't have much hit in US, the British prog-rock band Marillion was doing really well in their homeland. In their 1985 album, Misplaced Childhood, they produced their biggest hits with no.2 hit "Kayleigh" and the beautiful no.5 hit ballad "Lavender". Amazon MP3
Meat Loaf Read ´Em and Weep Followed up the Bat Out of Hell, Dead Ringer was another successful album Meat Loaf produced. With well written and amazing vocal of Jim Steinman, "Read 'Em and Weep" became one of the great stunning ballad.  
  Two Out of Three Ain't Bad Under one of the greatest album ever, Bat out off Heall, Two Out of Three Ain't Bad is the great heartbreak and emotional ballad. The song reached no.11 on the Pop Single chart.  
  I'd Do Anything For Love (But I Won't Do That) Followed up the Bat Out of Hell, Bat out of Hell II: Back Into Hell was another most successful album Meat Loaf produced. With the maximum dramatic impact without any exhausting, Jim Steinman surely provided one of the best ballad of all "I'd Do Anything For Love (But I Won't Do That).  
Megadeth Promises In the year 2001, Megadeth tried to make their album production to become more commercial accessibility and still satisfied their loyal fans. In The World Needs a Hero album, the band gave some soft touch to their darkness with the ballad "Promises" Amazon MP3
  A Tout Le Monde After the success of Countdown to Extinction, Megadeth released the sixth album, Youthansia. The album was kind of lack their essential Megadeth, but still provided their first true power ballad "A Tout Le Monde" drove the album at no.4 on The Billboard Top 200. Amazon MP3
Mercyful Fate Melisa In 1983, British metal band, Mercyful Fate, drove the darkness and hellish of Black Sabbath to the edge. With their distinctive sound, neo-classic guitar, and unpredictable vocal, the album, Melissa was darker and deader. Fortunately for us, they still produced their intense and gothic black ballad "Melisa"  
Metal Church Watch the Children Pray After the impressive debut, Seattle's Metal Church tried to follow up with 1987's 'The Dark'. Although the album was weaker than the previous one, it contained some of their best work, including the epic ballad "Watching the Children Pray". Amazon MP3
  Anthem to The Estranged Metal Church released their finest album, Blessing in Disguise, in 1989. With their solid metal style, the album features their massive and cathartic ballad "Anthem to The Estranged"  
Metallica One In 1988, Metallica released one of their most complex and ambition album, …And Justice for All. The album took the band to the top of the grand father of speed metal. "One" became the metal classic with the combination of hardcore lyric and solid melody. The song sent the album to no.5 on The Billboard 200 Amazon MP3
  Nothing Else Matters "Nothing Else Matters" is perhaps one of the most greatest ballad Metallica ever composed. With its intense lyric and twisted melody from soft to hard and hard to soft, the song helped drive the album, Metallica, to no.1 on The Billboard 200 in 1991. Amazon MP3
  The Unforgiven Metallica also composed another great ballad "The Unforgiven" under their most successful album, Metallica. The song was composed with great lyric and smooth harmony. It became another hit along side the great "Enter Sandman". Amazon MP3
  Fade to Black In their second underground masterpiece album, Metallica still remain supreme with their hard, heavy, and louder metal style. They even became more aggressive in both compositional technique and expression. "Fade to Black" is one of the masterpiece power ballad of all time they have created. Amazon MP3
  Low Man's Lyric Metallica's 1997 Reload was a showcase of their leftover materials from the previous album Load. "Low Man's Lyric" was, as name implied, a low-key rock ballad of this heavy southern rock album. Amazon MP3
  The Unforgiven II Another ballad from their leftover album, Reload, "The Unforgiven II" was intended to be the sequal to the 1991's excellent ballad "The Unforgiven". Too bad, it turned out not as good as the previous one. Amazon MP3
Michael Monroe Telephone Bill's All Mine This Finish-born ex-vocalist of Hanoi Rocks, Michael Monroe, was considered to be one of the greatest glam rock frontman in the eighties. He left Hanoi Rocks to persue solo career in 1987. In 2003, he released the album Whatcha Want, which contained grumbling man ballad "Telephone Bill's All Mine".  
Motley Crue Home Sweet Home In the album Theater of Pain, Motley Crue found their peaceful mind apart from sex, drug, and violent delivered the most tender piano based ballad "Home Sweet Home". Amazon MP3
  You're All I Need Another success album, Girls Girls Girls with another platinum and popular MTV music video, The album hit no.2 on The Billboard 200 and features another success power ballad Motley Crue style "You're All I Need" Amazon MP3
  Without You In 1989, Motley Crue released their best-selling ever album, Dr. Feelgood. The album features also their first top ten singles, "Dr. Feelgood" and one of their finest ballads "Without You". Sadly, Vince Neil, lead singer, left the band after the album was released and started the decline of Motley Crue. Amazon MP3
Motorhead Love Me Forever In their 16th year of music, Motorhead released an album titled as '1916'. It was fulled their usual standard works, among them was the heavy ballad "Love Me Forever". Amazon MP3
  I Ain't No Nice Guy In 1992, this grand metal rock, Motorhead released their not so successful album, March or Die. Although, the album was disappointed, the piano and acoustic guitar ballad "I Ain't No Nice Guy" was quite successful with the power duet with Mr. Ozz and guitar talking Slash. Amazon MP3
  Don't Let Daddy Kiss Me After the disappointing results of 1992's March or Die, Motorhead turned back to their original sound in their next album Bastards. This 1993 album was indeed one of the their best efforts in the latter day. There were many great tracks, including the acoustic ballad "Don't Let Daddy Kiss Me". Amazon MP3
Moving Pictures What About Me The Australian band Moving Pictures released only one album in US in 1982. It spawned the hit power ballad "What About Me?" and the band never be seen in US again.  
Mr. Big To Be With You Mr. Big came big in their 1991 album, Lean Into It. They produced one of the classic singalong ballad called "To Be With You". The song was smash hit no.1 on The Billboard Hot 100. Amazon MP3
  Wild World Following the success of Lean Into It, Mr. Big released Bump Ahead in 1993. The album featured the cover version of Cat Steven's "Wild World". However, the album failed to produce any big hit and this acoustic ballad became their last top40 in US. Amazon MP3
Mr. Mister Broken Wings Mr. Mister had a short period of success with their second album, which went platinum in 1985. The album featured two no.1 hits, including the classic ballad "Broken Winds". Amazon MP3
MSG Never Ending Nightmare Influenced by ex-Scorpion and UFO guitarist, MSG was formed and composed the killer classy ballad "Never Ending Nightmare" with beautiful chorus and colorful guitar and keyboard. Amazon MP3
  When I'm Gone Another great and powerful ballad with memorable chorus, crystalic guitar, and splendid keyboard works, "When I'm Gone" is another signatured ballad MSG has ever composed.  
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