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Rage After The End Rage is the German heavy metal band formed in the early 80's. But first known as Avenger, to avoid confusion with British band of the same name, before changing to Rage in 1986. In 2001, they released their studio album called Welcome To The Other Side featuring nice melodic heavy ballad named "After The End"  
Red Hot Chili Peppers Under the Bridge This is the soft side album from Red Hot Chili Peppers. Blood Sugar Sex Magik gave the band more rooms to work with their music textures and productions. The album hit no.3 on The Billboard 200. The top ten hit acoustic ballad "Under the Bridge" hit The Billboard Hot 100 at no.2. Amazon MP3
  Soul to Squeeze In 1993, Red Hot Chili Peppers tried to remake the success of "Under the Bridge". The result was the slow ballad "Soul to Squeeze", which was used in the movie Coneheads. The song was later released as a singles and became another top40 hit for the band. Amazon MP3
R.E.M. Everybody Hurts 1992's "Automatic for the People" was one of R.E.M. most successful albums. The slow, heart-warming ballad "Everybody Hurts" was regarded as one of the finest records they ever made. Amazon MP3
REO Speedwagon Time for Me to Fly The arena rock REO Speedwagon released this power ballad on their 1978 album "You Can Tune a Piano, But You Can't Tuna Fish". The ballad went to no.56 and the album went gold.. Amazon MP3
  Keep on Loving You REO Speedwagon started their career as the professional balladeer with "Keep on Loving You" in 1981. This perfect radio ballad went no.1 and became one of the most definitive song of the 1980s. Amazon MP3
  Take It on the Run REO Speedwagon released another ballad singles in 1981 to follow the success of "Keep on Loving You". "Take It on the Run" became another ballad which hit no.5 three months after the previous one. Amazon MP3
  Can't Fight This Feeling In 1984, REO Speedwagon released their second no.1 power ballad in the album "Wheels Are Turnin'". The paino ballad "Can't Fight This Feeling" remains one of the best ballad in their career. Amazon MP3
  One Lonely Night "One Lonely Night" is another ballad form the 1984 album "Wheel Are Turnin'". It could not match the success of "Can't Fight This Feeling" and was stucked at no.19. Amazon MP3
  In My Dreams "Life As We Know It" became REO Speedwagon last top40 album in 1987. The album managed to went gold and its ballad "In My Dreams" hit no.19 on Billboard chart. Amazon MP3
  Here With Me In 1988, REO Speedwagon released the ballad "Here With Me" on their compilation album-The Hits. It was later became their last top40 singles, which hit no.20 the same year. Amazon MP3
Return Bye Bye Johnny In 1987, the Norwegian band, Return released their first album, Attitudes in America. The album features their first power ballad "Bye Bye Johnny".  
  Take This Heart Return released their fifth album, V, in 1992. "Take This Heart" was a ballad of the album with soft melody and powerful chorus. Amazon MP3
Rhapsody Wings of Destiny Rhapsody was an Italy progressive metal band form in late '90s. "Wings of Destiny" was a power ballad presented in the band's second album, Symphony of Enchanted Lands, released in 1999. In 2005, the band was forced to change their name to Rhapsody of Fire due to some copyright issues. Amazon MP3
Richard Marx Hold On To The Nights The former backing vocalist for Lionel Richie, Richard Marx, made his huge debut in 1987 with four top ten hits. This moanful ballad became his first no.1 hit the following year. Amazon MP3
  Right Here Waiting Richard Marx created this beautiful piano ballad in his second album "Repeat Offender". The song was a massive hit and became his third no.1 hit in 1989. Amazon MP3
  Now and Forever Richard Marx's music turned to adult contemporary style with 1994's Paid Vacation. The album produced two top40 hits including the acoustic ballad "Now and Forever", which reached to no.7 the same year. Amazon MP3
Robbie Williams Angels The ex-member of UK teen idol group, Take That, Robbie Williams released his first solo debut album Life Thru a Lens in 1997. It was a great success and spawned a string of hit singles, including the no.4 pop ballad "Angels". Amazon MP3
Robert Plant Ship of Fools Everyone knows Robert Plant as the vocalist of the legendary Led Zeppelin. In 1988, he borrowed some sound of his old band for his best album "Now & Zen", which also featured the ballad "Ship of Fools". Amazon MP3
Robin Beck The First Time The American singer Robin Beck had a brief of fame when her 1988 ballad "The First Time" was used in a Coca-Cola commercial. It was aired mostly outside North America and the singles went no.1 in UK and Germany. Amazon MP3
  Tears In the Rain In her second album Trouble Or Nothin', released in 1989, Beck produced an emotional heart-breaking power ballad "Tears In the Rain". The song became a hit in Europe. Amazon MP3
Roland Grapow A Heartbeat Away Although he has been the guitarist for Helloween since 1988, Roland Grapow also found some times to release album of his own. On his second album, Kaleidoscope, released in 2003, he produced a metal ballad "A Heartbeat Away".  
Rolling Stones Beast Of Burden No one do ballad like Rolling Stones in this 1978, Some Girls album. With the raw torch soul style, Beast Of Burden is one of the great ballad carefully crafted by the Stones. The album hit at no.1 on Pop chart. The song took place at no.9 on Pop Single chart. Amazon MP3
Roko Hold On Roko was a German hard rock formed in the early '90s. Their first self-title debut album was issued in 1990 and featured the power ballad "Hold On".  
Royal Hunt Follow Me The Danish progressive metal band, Royal Hunt, tried to cope with the replacement of their lead vocal. The result was the fifth album, Fear, which sounded rather more of neo-classical metal than their original progressive metal sound. Although the album was pretty short, it also presented the strong power ballad "Follow Me".  
Roxette Listen to Your Heart The Swedish duo pop/rock Roxette first made their name worldwide with the second album "Look Sharp!" in 1988. The strong ballad "Listen to Your Heart" made its way to the top of the chart the following year. Amazon MP3
  It Must Have Been Love "It Must Have Been Love" is Roxette's most sucessful singles. It was first released on the multi-platinum soundtrack "Pretty Woman" in 1990. This lovely ballad went no.1 that year and earned them the BMI Award in 2005. Amazon MP3
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