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Saigon Kick Love Is On The Way In the second album, The Lizard, Saigon Kick delivered one of the beautiful acoustic ballad, "Love Is On The Way". The song also was a MTV minor hit and on the Billboard Hot 100 at no.12. Amazon MP3
Saliva Rest In Pieces The Memphis's metal band, Saliva, created one of their best works on 2002's Back Into Your System. Although the album was not a radio favourite, it became enough popularity to became top20 album. "Rest In Pieces" was an exceptional excellent ballad that unexpectly failed to become a hit. Amazon MP3
Savatage Out on the Streets In 1983, Savatage released their debut album, Sirens. This album in the early year of death metal bands in USA is one of the most influential death metal rock in the 80's. However, they also composed their romantic, emotional, and yearning ballad "Out on the Streets" Amazon MP3
  When The Crowds Are Gone With their sixth album, this fantasy-theme metal band seemed to be non-stoppable. Their music were more complicated and complexed. The album features the beautiful piano-based ballad "When The Crowds Are Gone". Amazon MP3
  All That I Bleed With their vocalist replacement, Savatage released their eighth album, Edge of THorns, with their new materials to suit the new vocal. This album features their beautiful guitar picking ballad "All That I Bleed". Amazon MP3
  Not What You See Dead Winter Dead is Savatage's 10th album and they returned to their style of rock opera. Sound of this album is different from their privious album. They carefully wrote songs in the epic album including the well written ballad "Not What You See" Amazon MP3
  This Isn't What We Meant Also from Dead Winter Dead, "This Isn't What We Meant" was another superb ballad that consisted of complex theatrical arrangement. This heavy metal sound with broadway style record had added even more strength to the album. Amazon MP3
Saxon Do It All For You In the early 80's, Saxon felt behind the wave of other musics including Maiden. Even though they tried to improve their music in this 84 album, Crusader, their reputation seemed to be short. A few great tracks was featured in the album such as the ballad "Do It All For You". Amazon MP3
Scorpions Always Somewhere In 1979, a German rock band, Scorpion, released one of their finest albums and the beautiful high pitch vocal power ballad "Always Somewhere". The song truly defined the new era of Scorpions music style. Amazon MP3
  Holiday Lovedrive Another power ballad from Scorpions' 1979 breakthrough album, Lovedrive. "Holiday" is a soothing ballad that really fit to be a closinng song of this great album, and become one of their fans' most beloved ballad since then. listen Amazon MP3
  Lady Starlight Although, Scorpions tried to follow up their success in Love Drive album, this album, Animal Magnetism, was kind of lack the power. However, with their well written and composition, "Lady Starlight" became the beautiful emotion ballad. Amazon MP3
  When the Smoke Is Going Down Even, their lead vocal, Klaus Meine had a throat operation before the record's release, the sound of Scorpion was better than ever and songs was well written including the key ballad "When the Smoke Is Going Down", driving the album, Black Out, one of their success albums. Amazon MP3
  Still Loving You In 1984, Scorpion released another success album, Love at First Sting. The album was well constructed and written. At the end of the album, Scorpion produced one of the best ballad ever, the tear dripping "Still Loving You". Amazon MP3
  Send Me an Angel Soothing harmony and lyric, "Send Me an Angel" is another great ballad in the successful album, Crazy World. The song took a respectful place at no. 44 on The Billboard Hot 100 in 1991 and send the album to the peak no.21 on the album Billboard 200. Amazon MP3
  Wind of Change "Wind of Change" is recognized as one of the greatest slow ballad ever. With the combination of well written lyric, well composition melody, solid acoustic guitar, and signature vocal, "Wind of Change" hit the no.4 in U.S. Billboard Hot 100 and remain one of the slow brilliant power ballad of all time. Amazon MP3
  Under The Same Sun On this following album after the successful of Crazy World album, Face The Heat was a bit short of momentum. However, Scorpions still did what their best in producing another emotional ballad "Under The Same Sun" and pushed the album to The BillBoard 200 at no. 24. Amazon MP3
  Lonely Nights In the album Face The Heat, Scorpions composed another great, solid, and powerful ballad called "Lonely Nights". Although, the song did not take any place on any charts, it still is one of the great true power ballads from this German band. Amazon MP3
  White Dove The 1995's Live Bites album was a collection of live performances between 1988 to 1995. Although the recordings were not as strong as their studio albums, it did contain the previously unreleased acoustic ballad "White Dove". Amazon MP3
  You and I Although this follow up album, Pure Instinct, did not reach most of people expectation, but for every hardcore scorpions fans, "You and I" is one of the great gorgeous ballads scorpions has created.  
Secret Sphere Twilight of Fairly Tale Secret Sphere was an Italian power metal band since 1998. Their 1999 debut album, Mistress of the Shadowlight, was a success in many countries, especially Japan, France, Brazil, and Chile. The album also inclued a beautiful roaring ballad "Twilight of Fairly Tale".  
Seether Broken Seether was a South Africa post-grunge band who later found success in US. Their debut label album, Disclaimer, was released in 2002. The ballad "Broken", featuring the vocal of Evanescence's Amy Lee, was the highlight of the album. The song was also featured in the film Punisher. Amazon MP3
Shadow Gallery Alaska This is the following up from their first album, Carved in Stone is one of their best progressive rock since Shadow Gallery. Well production, crafted song writing, "Alaska" is the best excellent ballad and being recommended by many fans Amazon MP3
Shania Twain From This Moment On The country-pop artist Shania Twain released her second album, Come On Over, in 1997. It became her best and most successful album, which top the country chart and no.2 on rock chart. It also contained the hit ballad "From This Moment On", which climbed to no.4 the later year. Amazon MP3
  You're Still The One "You're Still The One" was the biggest hit from her best album "Come On Over". It almost topped the Billboard chart at no.2 in 1998. Amazon MP3
Sheriff When I'm With You Sheriff first released this power ballad in 1983 and hit no.63 in US. The song was re-released in 1989 (4 years after they disband!) and climbed to the top of the US chart. Amazon MP3
Shotgun Messiah Living Without You In , this L.A. hard rock band released their second album Second Coming and tried to lift up themselves to the same league as Guns N' Roses or AeroSmith. Unfortunately, the band failed to capture that commercial success. However, the album still features their best ballad called "Living Without You".  
Skid Row 18 and Life Sadly, Skid Row had never had their enormous success, but truly they left us one of their best album Skid Row in 1989. The album took no. 6 on The Billboard 200 and Their hit power ballad successfully hit no.4 on The Billboard Hot 100. Amazon MP3
  I Remember You In the Skid Row album, Skid Row composed one of their greatest ballad "I Remember You" which is truly musical generic and sent the song to no.6 on The Billboard Hot 100 in 1989. Amazon MP3
  Quicksand Jesus Skid Row finally had the album on the top of the Billboard chart, Slave to the Grind become one of their best and the heaviest album. But Sebastian, leader of the band, still can delivered their true power ballad "Quicksand Jesus" in the album. Amazon MP3
  Wasted Time Another power ballad from the 1991's Slave to the Grind, "Wasted Time" was the only singles from this album to scatched the Billboard chart at no.88 the following year. Amazon MP3
  In a Darkened Room "In a Darkened Room" was another ballad from Skid Row's no.1 album, Slave to the Grind. Although it never became a hit singles, it was a well-composed rock ballad on the same level as any of their hit songs. Amazon MP3
Slash's Snakepit Back to the Moment The famous guitarist of Guns N' Roses, Slash, formed this temporary band to showcase his materials that were rejected by his partner, Axel Roses. After he left Guns N' Roses, he re-formed his band again and released their second (and last) album, Ain't Life Grand, in 2000. The album contained several old-shool-style hard rock songs, including the ballad "Back to the Moment".  
Slaughter Fly to the Angels Before the rising of alternative rock generation, Slaughter had a short period to deliver their great debut album, Stick It to Ya, with the gorgeous ballad "Fly to the Angels" which hit the Billboard Hot 100 at no.19. Amazon MP3
Smashing Pumpkins Disarm The Chicago-based alternative rock/metal band Smashing Pumpkins broke into the mainstream with the success of their second album, Siamese Dream, in 1993. The album was a fusion of many music genes such as pop, heavy metal, and mainstream rock. Among those records, was a quiet-but-powerful ballad "Disarm". Amazon MP3
  Landslide 1994's Pisces Iscariot was a collection of Smashing Pumpkins' B sides and rarities during 1991 to 1993. There were plenty of excellent tracks to satisfied the fans, even the cover of Fleetwood Mac's "Landslide" was a fine acoustic rock ballad. Amazon MP3
Sonata Arctica Letter To Dana Sonata Arctica was Finnish metal band who specialized in orchrestral European heavy metal. Their first full album Ecliptica, appeared in 2003, showed the band still didn't develop their own distinctive sound. Most of the songs sounded like most of European heavy metal, including the flute-intro ballad "Letter To Dana".  
  Last Drop Falls Sonata Arctica's second album, Silence, sounded like the mix of Europe and Dream Theater. The album also contained the pop-metal style metal ballad "Last Drop Falls".  
  Tallulah Another ballad from 2001's album Silence, "Tallulah" was one of the most beautiful piano ballad the band ever made.  
  The Misery In their third album 'Winterheart's Guild', released in 2003, Sonata Arctica presented the audiences with the progressive power metal style music. Among them was the love-seeking ballad "The Misery".  
Soundgarden Black Hole Sun 1994's Supernatural was undoubtly the finest works of alternative metalists Soundgarden. The blending of heavy metal, pop, and psychedelia gave birth to the rich, heavy, yet bright sound. These formula sent album to the top of the chart and the errie ballad "Black Hole Sun" became a hit on Rock Tracks and Mainstream charts. Amazon MP3
Spandau Ballet True This new romantic band from Britain made their name known in US in 1983 with the top ten slow ballad "True". They never found similar success in US again and the group disbanded in 1990. Amazon MP3
Squealer Don't Fear Your Life Formed in 1986, German power metal band, Squealer is one of the legendary rock band still active today. In 2000, they released their full length studio album entitled Made For Eternity. The album features one true power ballad with profound meaning "Don't Fear Your Life" Amazon MP3
Staind Outside This song from Staind appeared in the live performance collection from Korn and their accomplices in their 1999 Family Values tour. This live version, with duet vocal from Fred Durst, became one of the first ballad Staind ever made in their career. Amazon MP3
  It's Been Awhile New era of rock n' roll emerged during the peak of alternative rock. In 2001, Staind proved that rock ballad was never died. "It's Been Awhile" is heart-screamin, painful, and emotional ballad reflecting one of their member's family issue. The song was a hit and sent the entire album to the top of Billboard 200. Amazon MP3
  Everything Changes After taking 2 years off, Staind came back with the forth studio album, Chapter V, in 2005. The album topped the chart and produced several hits, including the balllad "Everything Changes". Amazon MP3
Starship Sara After being force by legal terms to cut the name from Jefferson Starship to Starship in 1985, they made a huge commercial success with their first album, which featured the no.1 ballad "Sara". Amazon MP3
Steelheart I'll Never Let You Go One of the last hair metal band, Steelheart, proved that they were the best among the best. In the Steelheart album, they delivered one of the great ballad with unmatchable chorus "I'll Never Let You Go". The song hit The Billboard Hot 100 at no.23. Amazon MP3
  She's Gone Although their images would not as power as Whitesnake, in their Steelheart album, they can composed another wonderful power ballad "She's Gone" Amazon MP3
Steve Perry I Stand Alone The arena rock band Journey's frontman, Steve Perry, left the band in 1987 to persue his solo career. in 1998, he recorded 2 tracks for the Warner Bros' animated film "Quest for Camelot". One of them, "I Stand Alone", was one of his ballad efforts that still couldn't match his Journey's years. Amazon MP3
  Forever Right or Wrong (Love's Like a River) Despite he had released only 2 studio albums in his solo years, Steve Perry was still able to find enough tracks to compile his unlikely 1998's 'Greatest Hits + Five Unreleased'. Among them was the fine rock ballad "Forever Right or Wrong". Amazon MP3
  What Was "What Was" was another of Perry's power ballad that first appeared on his 1998's Greatest Hits album. This mournful ballad was probably Perry's strongest power ballad in his post-Journey years. Amazon MP3
Stone Sour Bother In 2002, when Spiderman became the phenomena hit, several of its soundtracks also gain huge popularity. One of those was from an alternative metal rockers called Stone Sour. Their quiet ballad "Bother" became one of their most memorable songs and also became a highlight on their debut album later that year. Amazon MP3
Stratovarius Tears Of Ice In 1994, this European metal, Stratovarius released their third album with their style of melodic against razor-sharp sound. One of their memorable ballad is "Tears Of Ice" Amazon MP3
  Forever In 1996, Stratovarius, Finland metal band released their 5th album, Episode. Although the entire album seemed to be disappointed, a few songs still stood out and had some hits including the beautiful ballad "Forever" Amazon MP3
  Dream With Me "Dream With Me" was a gorgeous ballad from Stratovarius. It was first released as bonus track in the Japan edition of 1998's Destiny. It was then chosen by fans to be put into their 1999's greatest hits album, The Chosen Ones. Amazon MP3
  Celestial Dream In 2000, Stratovarious released their ninth album Infinite. Although album didn't show the band at their best, it still filled with their roaring power. The album closed with the short ballad "Celestial Dream". Amazon MP3
  Liberty This Finish metal band released the second part of their Elements series album in 2003. The album was a showcase of their melodic, fantasy-theme power metal works. "Liberty" was a soaring power ballad that closed the album nicely. Amazon MP3
Stryper Honestly In 1986, Stryper earned their first platinum album, To Hell with the Devil. Although, their album was a hugh success, their ballad is also the same (kind of annoying:P). "Honestly" (don't get me wrong) was the great beautiful ballad and was a hit at no.23 on Billboard Hot 100. Amazon MP3
Styx Come Sail Away come sail away Styx got their first platinum album with 1977's The Grand Illusion. It was fueled by the strength of the top10 hit "Come Sail Away". This half-song piano ballad became their second top10 hit in US since 1975's "Lady". It was later featured in seveal films in the early 2000s. listen Amazon MP3
  Babe One of the leading bands in arena rock, Styx, delivered one of the first rock ballad on the the album "Cornerstone" in 1979. This keyboard ballad powered the album to no.2 and brough itself to no.1 spot that year. Amazon MP3
Survivor The Search Is Over Survivor is the band that fame for their soundtrack for the film "Rocky". In 1984, they released their version of "Open Arms"-style ballad "The Search Is Over", which reached no.4 in the following year. Amazon MP3
Sweet Sensation If Wishes Came True This Sweet Sensation (not UK soul group) was a female dance musician trio from New York, who specilized in freestyle music. In 1990, they hit big time then the rock ballad "If Wishes Came True" reached the top of the Billboard chart. Amazon MP3
System of a Down Lonely Day The neo-gothic alternative metal band System of a Down released the second part of their epic 2-part album, Hypnotize, in 2005. The album earned the top spot on Billboard chart and its taunting ballad "Lonely Day" became a hit on mainstream chart. Amazon MP3
Symphony X Orion - The Hunter Symphony X was a neo-classical metal band formed in New Jersey in 1994. They released their forth album, Twilight in Olympus, in 1998. It was a strong album with great diversity and original sounds, among them was the metal ballad "Orion - The Hunter". Amazon MP3
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