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Talisman Back 2 the Feeling Talisman was the Swedish melodic heavy metal band formed in 1990. In their 2006 album, 7, they presented the slow-but-hard ballad "Back 2 the Feeling". Amazon MP3
Taraxacum Alone Taraxacum was a German metal band formed by ex-member of various German metal bands (Steel Prophet, Edguy, Axe Rudi Pell, and Haggard). Despite all those facts, the band sounded more like American metal than German metal. "Alone" was the power ballad from their first album Spirit of Freedom in 2001.  
Tesla Changes The California metalists Tesla made their debut with the album Mechanical Resonance in 1986. The album became top40 hit on the chart and the ballad "Changes", which started with piano melody, became one of their best record in the early years. Amazon MP3
  Love Song One of the best album, The Great Radio Controversy, was truly the great album from the musicianship style band, Tesla. They composed well structure and good melody ballad like "Love Song" in 1989. The song was also a hit no.10 on single chart. Amazon MP3
Testament The Ballad The trash metallists Testament turned to politic and social subjects on their third album Practice What You Preach. The ballad entitled "The Ballad" was the song about a man finding his resolution in life. Amazon MP3
  The Legacy In 1990, Testament released the album, Souls of Black, which would be their last trash metal album (of the original line-up). Their idealism of hellish and evil gornment influenced them in their power ballad "The Legacy" Amazon MP3
The Cars Drive The new wave band The Cars found their greatest success in the 1984's "Heartbeat City". The album also featured the ballad "Drive", which hit no.3 and its video became the MTV favourite. Amazon MP3
The Cult Edie (Ciao Baby) "Edie (Ciao Baby)" was one of the greatest ballad melody. It starts with the clear crystal acoustic guitar and then picks up string section backing. It is a classic and it helped the album hit the Billboard 200 at no.10 in 1989. Amazon MP3
The Mars Volta The Widow In 2005, The Mars Volta, hardcore punk rock band, released their second album, Frances The Mute featuring their mysterious poems rock ballad called "The Widow" which hit the Billboard Modern Rock Tracks at no.7 in the same year. Amazon MP3
The Raspberries Don't Want To Say Goodbye The Raspberries was one of the first power pop band from the early 1970s by singer/songwriter Eric Carmen and the former members of The Choir. Their 1972 debut singles "Don't Want To Say Goodbye" was one of the first song that had scent of power ballad. Amazon MP3
The Tubes Don't Want To Wait Anymore This San Francisco rock band made their first top40 album in 1981 with "The Completion Backward Principle". The ballad "Don't Want To Wait Anymore" became their first top40 singles. Amazon MP3
Theory of a Deadman Since You've Been Gone The Canadian band Theory of a Deadman was the first group to sign on Nickleback's Chad Kroeger's 604 Records Imprint label. In their second album, Gasoline, they produced the power ballad "Since You've Been Gone". Amazon MP3
Therion The King Therion was a death metal form in Sweden during 1980s. In 1998, they released their seventh album Vovin, which contained 11 tracks. But in Japan edition, the cover version of Accept's ballad "The King" was added as the closing track. In US, this song was first introduced in the tribute to Accept album a year later. Amazon MP3
Thunder A Better Man The British band Thunder was one of many bands that followed the footstep of Def Leppard's melodic hard rock style. Their second album, Laughing on Judgement Day, did not captured as much attention as their debut album. Stills, there were some strong tracks including the ballad "A Better Man". Amazon MP3
Thunderstone Spread My Wings Thunderstone was a metal band from Finland formed in 2000. They specialized in melodic speed metal and power metal style music. "Spread My Wings" was a melodic ballad from their self-title debut album, released in 2002. Amazon MP3
Tierra Santa La Mano de Dios This Spannish metal band was formed in late 1990s. In the 2002 album, Legendario, they produced a nice power ballad titled as "La Mano de Dios". Amazon MP3
Tiffany Could've Been The teen queen Tiffany became the youngest female artist to have no.1 album on Billboard when her debut album released in 1987. It featured two no.1 hits, including the piano ballad "Could've Been". Amazon MP3
Timo Tolkki Key to the Universe Timo Tolkki is a guitarist of the popular Finish heavy metal band Stratovarius. He released his second solo album, Hymn to Life, in 2002. The records was a neo-classical metal style, unlike his works with Stratovarius. "Key to the Universe" was a ballad that expressed his relationship issue with God. Amazon MP3
  Are You the One? "Are You the One?" was another ballad from Hymn to Life album. It was a beautiful melodic neo-classical metal ballad. Amazon MP3
TNT Without Your Love In 1984, this Norwaian hard rock band released their first album "Knights of the New Thunder". The band perfectly mixes high-tech guitar work with excellent vocal voice and composed their cheesy powerful ballad "Without Your Love"  
Tommy Shaw Lonely Shool Probably best known for his guitar work with Styx. Tommy Shaw released his own solo debut album Girls With Guns in 1984. Although the album only produced one top40 hits, there were other rock gems including the ballad "Lonely School".  
Tora Tora Phantom Rider In 1989, this memphis hard rock band, Tora Tora released their first album, Surprise Attack. The album features their finest ballad "Phantom Rider" Amazon MP3
Toto I'll Be Over You Toto tried to use the romantic tunes on their sixth album "Fahrenheit". The album spawned the top20 hit ballad "I'll Be Over You", but the album fail to become a hit. Amazon MP3
  Angela The LA rock band Toto made their first success with the self-title debut album in 1978. The album featured three chart singles, and a non-singles soft ballad "Angela". Amazon MP3
T'Pau China In Your Hand Considered as one-hit wonder in US, the British band T'Pau made this lovely ballad for their debut album in 1987. The song went no.1 in UK but never been released as singles in US. Amazon MP3
Tristania Deadlocked Since they formed the band in mid 1990s, the Norwegian band Tristania was regarded as one of the world's leading goth metal band. "Deadlocked" was a gothic-style ballad from their 2001 album, World of Glass. Amazon MP3
Triumph Magic Power In their forth worldwide album release, Triumph did their best to produce their best album with many well composed songs and beautiful classic ballad like "Magic Power" in 1981. The song and album turned out ok. Amazon MP3
Trixter Surrender In the battle of jersey band like Bon Jovi, Trixter emerged as the competitor. Sadly, their songs were not great and memorable as Bon Jovi's. However, they still were able to produce the beautiful ballad "Surrender". The song did success much and the band hit the downfall. Amazon MP3
Tuff I Hate Kissing You Good-Bye Tuff was a non-famous Arizona heavy metal band formed in the mid 80s. Their first studio album, What Comes Around Goes Around, was released in 1991. It contained a good standard 80s power ballad "I Hate Kissing You Good-Bye". Amazon MP3
Twisted Sister The Price In 1973, a group of students from New York formed the shock rock band, Twisted Sister. They tried nearly a decade to make a hit and in 1984 their third album, Stay Hungry, did it. The album hit no.15 on The Billboard 200 and the fine ballad "The Price" was on no.19. Amazon MP3
Type O Negative Die With Me This New Yorker goth rock band released their forth album, October Rust, with the commercialism in mind. The album features the power ballad "Die With Me". Amazon MP3
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