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02/28/07 Genesis to announce North American tour dates next week
02/28/07 Bret Michael to release new solo album
02/28/07 Alice Cooper to relase 'Along Came A Spider' in May
02/28/07 Y&T to perform 'Earthshaker', 'In Rock We Trust' album in San Francisco
02/28/07 Testament, Kreator confirmed for Finland Jalometalli Fest
02/28/07 Megadeth prepare to hit the road
02/28/07 David Lee Roth to reissue classic records
02/28/07 Black Sabbath -- The Dio Year recording sessions
02/28/07 Michael Anthony is 'looking forward' to VH R&R HOF induction
02/28/07 Iron Maiden "Spongebob" album cover spoofs
02/28/07 Scorpions, Uli Jon Roth, MSG confirmed for UK Rock&Blues Custom Show
02/28/07 Metallica Finnish concert sold out!!
02/28/07 Slayer to play at Denmark Roskilde Fest
02/28/07 Steve Vai to Paris
02/28/07 Night Ranger more new album details
02/27/07 Kelly Osbourne's cousin clears up HIV mystery
02/27/07 BMG withdraws Deep Purple live album
02/27/07 Heaven & Hell to appear on Rockline
02/27/07 Megadeth "United Abominations" album pushed back
02/27/07 Dimmu Borgir, Velvet Revolver confirmed for UK Download Fest
02/27/07 Deep Purple "Don't Buy It"
02/27/07 MTV2 abandoning V Js host
02/27/07 Marilyn Manson "The hole is where the heart is"
02/27/07 Avenger changed name
02/27/07 Metallica promo video posted on iTune
02/27/07 Iron Maiden confirmed for Bulgaria Arena Muzika Fest
02/27/07 Velvet Revolver confirmed for Finland Provinssirock Fest
02/27/07 Slayer confirmed for Poland Mystic Fest
02/27/07 W.A.S.P. announce U.S. tour dates
02/27/06 RUSH on new album is "Some of the best work we've done in years"
02/26/07 Alabama Thunderpussy's drummer "We've never really repeated ourselves through our career
02/26/07 GNR's "Chinese Democracy" due in Sep? / pre-order available
02/26/07 Black Sabbath new song "The Devil Cried" posted
02/26/07 Nine Inch Nails new songs posted
02/26/07 Bon Jovi new album "Lost Highways" more details
02/26/07 Pete Townshrend wrote songs to please Roger Daltrey -- Not WHO fans
02/26/07 David Lee Roth says Van Halen brothers might not attend R&R HOF ceremony
02/26/07 Alabama Thunderpussy premiere video from new album
02/26/07 Tool tour postponement details
02/26/07 Velvet Revolver's Dave Kushner on new Velvet album "F**king awesome"
02/26/07 Van Halen audio interview with Rolling Stone
02/26/07 The Who "My Generation" voted as best teen anthem
02/26/07 Heaven & Hell, Dream Theater confirmed for Greece Rockwave Fest
02/26/07 Machine Head's Robert Flynn comment on the band new video
02/26/07 Loudness "Live Rock Shocks 2006: Thanks" DVD revealed, now available
02/26/07 Paul Stanley add Australian tour
02/26/07 Triumph joining Canadian Music Industry Hall of Fame
02/26/07 Joe Lynn Turner "Second Hand Life" solo album updated
02/25/07 Dimmu Borgir, Silenoz "I'm so stoked about" Heaven & Hell reunion
02/25/07 Manowar to Russia
02/25/07 Iron Maiden mega-rare box sets available for auctioning
02/25/07 Celtic Frost, Tom Gabriel Fischer "I have never claimed to be a pleasant person"
02/25/04 Powermad reunited working on new album
02/25/07 Skid Row announced more tour dates
02/25/07 The Lizard working on new DVD, CD cover, and new album
02/24/07 Sepultura announced one-off Intimate U.K. Show
02/24/07 Saxon re-schedule U.K., Irish tour dates
02/24/07 Scorpions announced more tours
02/24/07 Aerosmith to hold largest concert in P.E.I. history
02/24/07 Gamma Ray confirmed for Ukraine Extreme Power Fest
02/24/07 LORD new album pre-production revealed
02/24/07 Lordi on breaking into North America "We have to start from scratch, because nobody knows about us"
02/24/07 Guns N' Roses footage performing "Knockin' On Heaven's Door"
02/24/07 Steve Tyler "Behind The Scarf"
02/23/07 Dimmu Borgir new single available for download next month
02/23/07 Relapse to reissue classic collection from Disrupt
02/23/07 Stratovarius begin recording new album this weekend
02/23/07 Ozzy new album updated
02/23/08 Pink Floyd reunion 2008 rumor!
02/23/07 Meat Loaf kick off 'Bat Out Of Hell: III" tonight
02/23/07 Metallica add Danish dates
02/23/07 Hanoi Rocks post "Back In Yer Face" video!
02/23/07 Type O Negative "The Profits of Doom" sample available
02/23/07 Testament add more tour dates
02/23/07 Led Zeppelin "The Contreux Concerts" book available now
02/23/07 Rob Halford says the reaction to his digital entertainment package are 'off the charts'
02/23/07 The Accused confirmed for L.A. Murderfest Ver.3.0
02/23/07 U.D.O. confirmed for first every Mago De Oz Fest
02/23/07 The Police sold out -- add more dates
02/23/07 MP3 'Gods Of War' available for purchase
02/23/07 Van Halen tour turning bad
02/22/07 Y&T confirmed for German, Italy, Switzerland tour
02/22/07 Saxon forced to cancel British, Irish tour dates
02/22/07 Def Leppard, Joe Elliott "We are NOT going out on tour with KISS"
02/22/07 Guns N' Roses, Ron Thal comment on GNR latest song leak
02/22/07 Black Sabbath 'The Devil Cried' single to be on air
02/22/07 Iron Maiden seeking support act for Czech Concert
02/22/07 Glenn Hughes to headline as special guest at Norway Kartfestivalen
02/22/07 Guns N' Roses announced Japan tour dates
02/22/07 Judas Priest on new album "Everything is coming together and sounding really fantastic!!"
02/22/07 Motorhead confirmed for Slovania Metalcamp 2007
02/22/07 Van Halen 'Best Of' compilation postponed indefinitely
02/22/07 'Chiness Democracy' has no official release date!
02/22/07 The Darkness reunion without Hawkins
02/22/07 Sting "Solo career never interfered friendship with The Police"
02/22/07 TOOL postpones North America tour
02/22/07 Paradise Lost's drummer on new album is "very heavy, very dark"
02/22/07 Black N' Blue to release 'Rarities' album
02/21/07 Locomotive to re-release Tankard, Heavenly, Holy Moses albums
02/21/07 Celtic Frost to perform 'Limited-duration special guest set' on Type O Negative tour
02/21/07 Locomotive Records to release 'November Rain in Paradise City' DVD
02/21/07 Megadeth new album "Sleepwalker" available online for member of fan club
02/21/07 Def Leppard confirmed for Ontario Rogers Sarnia Bayfest
02/21/07 Dream Theater new album revealed
02/21/07 AC/DC Mark Evans rehearsing for Bon Scott concert
02/21/07 Slayer's King comment on Grammy-winning track 'one of the poorest representations of us on the record'
02/21/07 Alice Cooper confirmed for Romania B'estival
02/21/07 Metallica announced tour in Finland, Norway, Russia, Sweden
02/21/07 Queensryche more DVD details revealed
02/21/07 REO Speedwagon getting high praise on upcoming album
02/21/07 David Lee Roth hopes Van Halen reunion is permanent
02/21/07 The Police working hard to get ready for reunion tour
02/21/07 Helion part ways with singer
02/21/07 Alabama Thunderpussy: songs for Katrina and Corruption
02/20/07 Shadows Fall "Redemption" available for streaming today!
02/20/07 CAGE headlining Mexicali Metal Fest
02/20/07 Van Halen tour 'postponed indefinitely'
02/20/07 RUSH producer, Rich Chycki comments on new album
02/20/07 Machine Head free autographed CD booklet with pre-order new album
02/20/07 Robert Plant headlining Dubai Desert Rock Fest
02/20/07 Mortiis to release remix album
02/20/07 Obituary get ready to record new album
02/20/07 Manowar want you in video
02/20/07 Annihilator new album 'Metal'
02/20/07 Zakk Wylde cancelled Hard Rock acoustic shows
02/20/07 MTV vs. YouTube
02/20/07 Napalm Death announced more Euro tour dates
02/20/07 Nightwish to release new single 'Eva' in May
02/19/07 Michael Angelo Batio new 'Quad' guitar and tour annoncement
02/19/07 Heaven and Hell to play additional U.S. tours
02/19/07 Machine Head putting finishing touches on 'bonus' track
02/19/07 Metallica to Austria in July
02/19/07 Sepultura cancelled Mexican tour
02/19/07 Aerosmith announced Euro tour dates
02/19/07 Hammerfall confirmed for German Rock Hard Fest
02/19/07 Judas Priest upcoming book is 'not the true story' of the band
02/19/07 Obituary announced Australia tour
02/19/07 Kelly Osbourne revealed member of her family has HIV
02/19/07 Richard West reveals details on Threshold new album
02/19/07 Kittie studio documentary available online
02/19/07 Glenn Hughes "Life doesn't get much better than this"
02/19/07 Nightwish North America tour date
02/19/07 GWAR announced Euro tour
02/18/07 Glenn Hughes seven songs written for new album
02/18/07 New Van Halen band photo
02/18/07 Nightwish to tour North America in Fall, Single coming out in May
02/18/07 Diamond Head new album updated
02/18/07 The Steve Grimmett Band recording new album
02/18/07 Heaven and Hell, Slayer, Velvet Revolver to play Holland Field of Rock
02/18/07 Immortal updated!
02/18/07 Trent Reznor explaining the concept behind 'Year Zero'
02/18/07 CAGE setting up to release new album
02/17/07 Pink Floyd: Another Brick... in the mail?!
02/17/07 Get Thrashed: The Story Of Thrash Metal announced world premiere
02/17/07 Kingdom Come talking with Dokken about Euro tour
02/17/07 Megadeth "Something's coming..."
02/17/07 Tony Blair loves Black Sabbath
02/17/07 Crimson Glory co-heading Bay Area Rock Fest
02/17/07 Nine Inch Nails posted 2 new songs
02/17/07 Sadus announced 'Fuera Por Sangre Tour 2007' dates
02/16/07 Motley Crue confirmed for Italy Gods of Metal Fest
02/16/07 New Machine Head song available for download
02/16/07 Shadows Fall single "Redemption" available next week
02/16/07 Black Sabbath's Mob Rules in Classic Rock Mag "Every Home Should Have One: Albums You Should Own”
02/16/07 Manowar, Rhapsody of Fire confirmed for March Metal Day 2007
02/16/07 Roger Waters 'Dark Side of The Moon - The Return Engagement' revealed
02/16/07 Bon Jovi, Red Hot Chilli Peppers confirmed for 'Live Earth' Event
02/16/07 Heaven and Hell live DVD via Eagle Rock due out late this year
02/16/07 Bad Company limited edition paper sleeve reissued
02/16/07 Y&T Itinerary tour updated
02/15/07 Deep Purple prepared for Wisconsin Rock Fest
02/15/07 Ian Astbury quits The Doors
02/15/07 Van Halen 'Best of (1978-1984)' got pushed back again
02/15/07 Primal Fear starts recording new album
02/15/07 Manowar wants to take you to Vahalla!
02/15/07 Dominici: "Making Of" documentary on ex-Dream Theater frontman album available
02/15/07 Steve Vai 'Sound Current' project revealed
02/15/07 Ex-Van Halen vocal, Cherone commenting on band's R&R HOF inductions
02/15/07 RUSH new single sample available
02/15/07 L.A. Guns featuring Tracii Guns posting new single online
02/14/07 Aerosmith postpones new album recording
02/14/07 Will there be Creedence Clearwater Revival reunion?
02/14/07 The Police to take part in Global Warming Concerts
02/14/07 Slayer cancelled Millvale (tonight) show
02/14/07 Type O Negative's Peter Steele "All of my music is based on what is going on in my life"
02/14/07 Aerosmith to open California Mid-State Fair
02/14/07 Motorhead, The Cult, Deep Purple confirmed for Road Fest 2007
02/14/07 Testament, Napalm Death confirmed for Norway Hole in The Sky Fest
02/14/07 Dimmu Borgir teaming up for North America tours
02/14/07 Rick Rubin on new Metallica album "I asked them not to reinvent themselves so much"
02/14/07 More TOOL tour dates
02/14/07 Queensryche to Japan
02/14/07 Motörhead on BBC6 for 'Anti-Valentines' show
02/14/07 Alabama Thunderpussy announcing more tour dates
02/14/07 Metallica announced live in Belgium
02/13/07 VH1 'Rock of Love with Bret Michaels' premiere in July
02/13/07 Accept, Dokken, Poison featured on VH1 Classic Metal Mania Stripped Vol 3
02/13/07 Uli Jon Roth to discuss his career
02/13/07 Shadows Fall 'Redemption' single world premiere this Friday
02/13/07 Slayer, Killswitch Engage, Marilyn Manson confirmed for UK Download Fest
02/13/07 In the ring with Manowar
02/13/07 Type O Negative announced more tour dates
02/13/07 Dimmu Borgir, U.D.O. confirmed for Norway Metal Heart Fest 2007
02/13/07 U.D.O. album title revealed
02/13/07 Iron Maiden first-ever India tour
02/13/07 Gene Simmons, Lemmy are among 'Ugliest Musician Ever' poll
02/13/07 Sweden Gate of Metal cancelled
02/13/07 The Wildhearts announced U.S. tour dates
02/13/07 Diamondhead announced more tours
02/13/07 W.A.S.P. announced more Euro tour
02/13/07 Velvet Revolver, Thin Lizzy confirmed for Italy Gods of Metal Fest
02/13/07 Ex-Crimson Glory, Midnight "Only the original lineup is Crimson Glory"
02/13/07 Aerosmith's Tom Hamilton "We're doing our first tour of Europe in about a decade."
02/13/07 Glenn Hughes to tour U.S. late Spring/early Summer
02/13/07 UFO's drummer forced to leave tour
02/13/07 THE POLICE is back!! with worldwide concert tour
02/12/07 Sepultura confirmed for Slovenia Metalcamp Fest
02/12/07 Kiss Soundscan-era sale records revealed
02/12/07 Skid Row, Quiet Riot confirming for Sweden Rock Fest
02/12/07 Heaven and Hell drawing huge interest from fans
02/12/07 Paul Gilbert revealing G3 tour lineup
02/12/07 Adam Jones, Tool's guitarist, received Grammy 'Best Recording Package'
02/12/07 Slayer wins Grammy 'Best Metal Performance'
02/12/07 Guns N' Roses more tour dates
02/12/07 Hurricane resurrection! new album in progress!
02/11/07 Grave Digger to Russia in March
02/11/07 Blue Murder reunion in progress
02/11/07 Enslaved headlining Great Indian Rock Fest XI
02/11/07 W.A.S.P. more tour dates
02/11/07 Heaven and Hell, Motorhead confirming for Switzerland Spirit of Rock
02/11/07 RAGE confirmed for German Summer Breeze Fest
02/10/07 Blind Guardian early albums got reissued
02/10/07 Sepultura confirmed for German Earthshaker Fest
02/10/07 Metal: The Definitive Guide book due in April
02/10/07 Ozzfest might "Screw artists"
02/10/07 The Stooges announcing U.S. tour dates
02/10/07 Genesis to play free concert in Rome
02/10/07 The Police to hold news conference on their anniversary tour
02/10/07 Type O Negative teaming up with Celtic Frost for U.S. tour
02/10/07 Flea says RHCP entire career has led to 'Stadium'
02/10/07 Grateful Dead to receive Lifetime Achievement Grammy
02/09/07 Marilyn Manson to headline German Woodstage Fest
02/09/07 Metallica starts recording in March
02/09/07 Lordi to perform at Eurovision Song Contest Final
02/09/07 The Cult to California Speedway
02/09/07 AC/DC "Rock Goes To College" live footage to be on BBC4
02/09/07 Aerosmith confirmed for Rogers Sarnia Bayfest 2007
02/09/07 'Chinese Hypocrisy - N' International Tribute to Guns N' Roses' promo video
02/09/07 The Who announcing 28-date European tour
02/09/07 Black Sabbath: The Dio Years details revealed
02/09/07 Styx, Asia, Foreigner team up for U.S. tours
02/08/07 Rotten Christ live DVD album on the way
02/08/07 Iron Maiden 'Death On The Road' to hit Theater
02/08/07 Paul Stanley "I want to continue this sweat fest as long as I can"
02/08/07 Steven Pearcy announced solo dates
02/08/07 RUSH nominated to JUNO Award
02/08/07 TOOL announced another US tour for fans who missed last year
02/08/07 Rush first tour date??
02/08/07 Riot shrugs off the departure of Mike Dimeo
02/08/07 Aerosmith to headline Sweden Rock Fest
02/08/07 Iron Maiden, Slayer, Aerosmith confirmed for Italy Heineken Jammin' Fest
02/08/07 Helloween teaming up with Gamma Ray for Euro tour?
02/08/07 More OZZFEST 2007 info revealed
02/07/07 Sharon Osbourne "Ozzfest last year nearly destroyed us"
02/07/07 Dave Mustaine "There will be mixed opinions of some of the songs due to subject matter"
02/07/07 The Police to play Boston's Fenway Park this Summer
02/07/07 Led Zeppelin rumor updated!
02/07/07 Scorpions, Thin Lizzy, Europe, Steve Vai confirmed for Holland Arrow Rock Fest
02/07/07 Scorpions announce more tour dates
02/07/07 Heaven and Hell tops Pollstar Top 50 Tour Chart
02/07/07 Smashing Pumpkins new album title, release date revealed
02/07/07 TNT announced more Norway tours
02/07/07 Metal Church no drummer replacement
02/07/07 W.A.S.P. confirmed for German Rock Harz Fest
02/07/07 Threshold covers MUSE on new album
02/06/07 AC/DC Maximum Rock & Roll book available
02/06/07 Van Halen on rehearsal with Roth "... It was pure magic"
02/06/07 OZZFEST groundbreaking news
02/06/07 Krokus tour dates announced
02/06/07 TOOL more U.S. dates announced
02/06/07 Europe tour dates to include performance at UPOP@Abbey Road Sessions
02/06/07 The Accused new songs posted online
02/06/07 Kamelot in mixing mode
02/06/07 Jetboy is back after 15 years
02/06/07 Destruction confirm for Poland Metalmania Fest
02/06/07 Sepultura engaging in Euro headlining Tour
02/06/07 Smashing Pumpkins, Marilyn Manson, Slayer confirm for Switzerland Greenfield Fest
02/06/07 Nine Inch Nail 'Year Zero' album release date
02/06/07 Velvet Underground unheard tracks available
02/06/07 REO Speedwagon new album due in March
02/06/07 Axl Rose comments on his first ever South Africa tour
02/06/07 Reunited Sacred Reich announcing exclusive tour
02/05/07 Slaughter, Mr. Big at Scrap Metal Gig
02/05/07 Love/Hate to reunite for Hollywood gig
02/05/07 Van Halen 1978-1984 Best-Of gets postponed
02/05/07 Velvet Revolver 'Libertad' postponed to June?
02/05/07 Axel Rudi Pell cancel Euro tour due to illness
02/05/07 Iron Maiden announced Czech, German shows
02/04/07 W.A.S.P. signing with Demolition Records
02/04/07 Motorhead announcing more Euro tours
02/04/07 Rotting Christ's Sakis Tolis feels 'sorry' for Dave Mustaine
02/04/07 Zakk Wylde taking part in Impromptu Jam in Seattle
02/04/07 Led Zeppelin rumor heating up
02/04/07 Ex-Rainbow, Joe Lynn Turner team up with Graham Bonnet for Japan tour
02/04/07 Testament confirmed for Norway Metal Heart Fest
02/03/07 £150 million for new Police tour
02/03/07 Bret Michaels, Poison, recording new solo album
02/03/07 Ex-Grim Reaper, Steve Grimmett collaborated with Jeff Kollman
02/03/07 Smashing Pumpkins confirmed for Austria Nova Rock Fest
02/03/07 Paradise Lost new album updated
02/03/07 Stratovarius announced tour dates
02/03/07 Crimson Glory's Wade Black "I have nothing but good intentions"
02/03/07 Testament confirmed for California Metal Fest
02/03/07 Angra, Jon Oliva's Pain confirmed for San Francisco Bay Area Rock Fest
02/03/07 Thin Lizzy to remix classic tracks??
02/02/07 Zakk Wylde to guest on 103.1 FM's 'Chaos' this Sunday
02/02/07 David Lee Roth officially return to Van Halen
02/02/07 Billy Corgan not likely to put full Smashing Pumpkins together again
02/02/07 Deep Purple to play Iceland
02/02/07 Annihilator to release 'Metal' in April
02/02/07 Sonata Arctica new album title revealed
02/02/07 Glenn Hughes announced Norway Tour
02/02/07 Marilyn Manson co-heading Romania B'fest
02/02/07 Ozzfest might go indoor
02/02/07 Hammerfall confirmed for Sweden Peace & Love Fest
02/02/07 Metal Church's Jeff Plate injure spinal disk forcing tour canceled
02/01/07 Lynyrd Skynyrd teaming up with Hank Williams Jr. for Co-heading tour
02/01/07 GNR confirm for South African show
02/01/07 Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne to make 'Groundbreaking, historic announcement' about Ozzfest
02/01/07 W.A.S.P. more Euro tour dates announced
02/01/07 Ian Gillan albums reissued
02/01/07 Black Label Society, Motorhead confirmed for Holland Fields of Rock
02/01/07 Eric Singer on the road to speedy recovery after minor surgery
02/25/07 Vinnie Moore talk about his upcoming album
02/23/07 Vinny Appice talks about new Black Sabbath album and upcoming tour
02/22/07 Dimmu Borgir's Silenoz "This is the excitement we live for"
02/21/07 Therion's Christofer on new musical experimentation "The only rule is that I'll have to like it"
02/21/07 Testament's Alex Skolnick talking about new album
02/20/07 Helloween in songwriting mode
02/19/07 Mike Portnoy on new Dream Theater album "Heavy and technical, powerful and dynamic"
02/19/07 Rob Halford on Judas Priest album "May turn into double album"
02/19/07 Lord Tim, ex-Dungeon, comments on his new band LORD
02/18/07 Type O Negative's Peter Steele "I was pretty lost in the cocaine thing for a couple of years"
02/18/07 Slayer's Ivar Bjørnson talking about Viking
02/18/07 Judas Priest's K.K. Downing on new album packed with "18 songs clocking in at an hour and a half"
02/17/07 Ian Gillan "I was terrific and Ritchie Blackmore was a tw*t."
02/16/07 Eddie Van Halen hopes to release new album with Roth
02/16/07 Heaven and Hell's Vinny Appice "It's gonna be fun playing these old songs again"
02/15/07 David Lee Roth talking about Van Halen
02/15/07 Ex-GNR's drummer, Steven Adler "Nothing will be bigger. It would be the biggest reunion ever in history"
02/13/07 Testament's Chuck Billy on hoping to record 'Really brutal' new Testament album
02/10/07 Slayer's Kerry Kings "We're always been the blackball band, the bad guys"
02/09/07 Steve Tyler "There's a few AEROSMITH albums I choose not to remember anymore."
02/09/07 Manowar "People are so loyal to us because they listen to our songs and say, 'Yeah, they're talking about me"
02/07/07 John Bush "I am not ready" to commit to Anthrax again
02/07/07 Rob Halford on new Judas Priest album "We're a long way from the finishing line"
02/06/07 Chuck Billy, Testament, "We have about five or six songs written so far"
02/05/07 Kittie' s drummer, Mercedes Lander "I still have so much to prove in the world of music"
02/05/07 Mick Zane talks about MALICE reunion
02/04/07 Frankie Banali on classic Quiet Riot line up "cannot possibly work together again as a unit"
02/04/07 King Diamond "I certainly won't say that the book has been closed on Mercyful Fate"
02/04/07 Metal Church's Kurdt Vanderhoof discussing about time with David Wayne
02/04/07 Paul Stanley "There's two kinds of music and only two kinds of art: good and bad"
02/03/07 Scott Ian on Joey Balladonna "Grow up and be a man"
02/02/07 Geezer Bulter "It has been really hard to re-learning Black Sabbath Dio-era songs"
02/01/06 Paul Stanley on Gene's solo album "A**hole" "It's not the album I would have hoped he made"


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