Blender.com has posted two new video clips of SLAYER guitarist Kerry King being interviewed in New York City in February. Watch the footage online:

Video#1 (on the group's Grammy win and band's history)
Video#2 (showing his tattoos)

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MEGADETH mainman Dave Mustaine has revealed that the first single off the group's upcoming "United Abominations" album will be a re-recorded version of the band's "Youthanasia" classic "A Tout Le Monde". The 2007 version is a duet with LACUNA COIL's Cristina Scabbia and is said to be more uptempo than the original 1994 version. It also features an extended solo.

Commented Mustaine: "[The original 'A Tout Le Monde'] video was banned, the single was shelved, and without [the fans'] loving support of a truly beautiful song it would have died. MTV banned it because they said it was a 'song about suicide,' as did many people, but why would the line 'I'd love to stay with you all' be in there? It would need to say something like 'I want to die,' right? And I had a manager at the time that was told, along with me, by MTV not to use director Wayne Isham because we had used him too much; odd request, but I heard them loud and clear. Of course, management didn't listen and tried to slip it into MTV under a pseudonym and MTV flipped. They are/were pissed at me for something I didn't do and I would be OK if it was something I did, but I told the manager, and David Ellefson [ex-MEGADETH bassist] can attest to this, NOT to use Wayne. Their solution was to ban the $300,000-plus video, and radio in America was following MTV very closely at the time — still do to an extent — and did not play the single. The song was left at the altar. I got sent a bill. Then after the [college] shooting in Montreal [in 2006], where someone tried tying this song into that horrific act, I knew it was time to follow something that had been haunting me from the start of that song: I could not allow myself to accept the failure of my music because of someone else. I will take the heat, I am well forged by now, so there is yesterday's news.

"But there was something else: I'd wanted to hear that song as a duet, since it truly was a song of love. But the person had to be perfect; had to be angelic. I decided, and I have sang 'A Tout Le Monde' again with Cristina Scabbia because she is that person. I had Lisa Marie Presley confirmed, as well as two other attempts, but Cristina was the obvious choice for our metal community. The song was sped up a little, like it was supposed to be on 'Youthanasia' before all the tempos were turned down. It has a 50% longer solo of original Glen Drover lead guitar blending into the original [Marty] Friedman solo, and launching off of that at the end of the solo taking it up a little bit more.

"So, now that leaves us with what to do with this song. Well, its intention was only to soothe my wounds, and it was meant to be a 'B-side' for Japan, but that didn’t happen, as you will no doubt read. The song was finished and turned in to the record company and the radio department and everyone, including people that have heard the song before, are saying, 'This is the single for America!' There was excitement and a buzz, and they ALL agreed on this, which is a feat in itself when you have some many creative people in one place at any given time.

"Imagine my surpise, and my sense of being vindicated, and then the shock and concern about you [the fans] not understanding (which apparently you don't), let alone the indifferent public, which is now the primary target, since you have already heard it and it was supposed to be a simple 'B-side,' and the haters who will undoubtedly hate. On one hand it worked, and on the other, I have to explain myself, which I don't like.

But it gets stranger.

"Now 'A Tout Le Monde' has a new life and people are reacting, but there is concern about, as I was told, 'the guy in Arkansas that calls the song 'A Toot Lay Monday.' I said, 'I say the pronounciation in the song,' but it was suggested to me, to help the public to discover this classic you all know and most love (and some don't want tampered with) to add a subtitle.

"I said, 'huh?' The moments after that were inconsequential, and I just found myself agreeing because there were worse things I had to fix at the time, and I had to pick which thing I was going to give my attention to at 'crunch time.'

"So, in an effort to make things easier for the DJs, and remember this is just for radio, there has been a subtitle added to 'ATLM' ala 'A Tout Le Monde (Set Me Free)' for the album and the single has been called 'Set Me Free (A Tout Le Monde)' for radio by Roadrunner.

"You have gotten 'Sleepwalker', we posted 'Gears of War', and everyone seems to have heard 'Washington Is Next!', and I think we are doing pretty good.

"All I can say is, just trust me on this one. Again, it was meant to be a 'B-side' and with all of the professionals over at Roadrunner, I think they really may be right and they may have a real surprise for you.

"We shoot the video for this song on the 8th of this month [March] before I leave for Vancouver, and Cristina shoots her part on the 9th.

"Thank you to the guys in LACUNA COIL for supporting Cristina in doing this, and to you Ms. Scabbia, you were fantastic!"

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Former SKID ROW frontman Sebastian Bach has issued the following update:

"We are so excited to play our first-ever headline show in a country of my ancestry, Norway. We will play Kvinesdal Rock Festival, in Kvinesdal Norway on July 13th 2007! Also on the bill is an incredible singer named JORN, who I look forward to checking out live. I am very excited to visit a country where my ancestors lived. My grandmother's grandparents both came from Norway to America in the 1800s. Some of the places in my family tree include Ringsaker, Hedmark, Vardal, Hamar, and more. My family came from somewhere called Siberthusit (sp?) which was also one of our original Norwegian surnames, along with 'Elverum,' another family surname. My great-great grandparents emigrated from Stravanger, Norway and ended up starting American life in Westby WI , where they 'spoke Norweigan on the streets' according to my great Aunt Margaret, who is 93 years old and still alive and kickin' in Cleveland, OH. I look forward to visiting some of the places my ancestors lived and breathed while I am in Norway. Any Norweigan rockers out there who feel like giving me a sightseeing tour, on the day off, of any of these place I have mentioned, email me on MySpace — I would love to see the places responsible for bringing the world Sebastian Bach! Some would say you have a lot to answer for! See ya soon, Norway!!!"

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