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03/31/07 Megadeth's Dave Mustaine "Anyone who says that MEGADETH isn't me is a fool."
03/31/07 Dimmu Borgir responding to banned artwork
03/31/07 Clutch issue new album artwork statement
03/31/07 Take the "Name that hair-metal band!" quiz
03/31/07 Hard rockers struggle to find mainstream success
03/30/07 Guns N' Roses full length "Madagascar" leak on the internet
03/30/07 Kreator "Endorama" got reissued
03/30/07 Nikki Sixx to launch "The Heroin Diaries" with "Funeral" single
03/30/07 Dimmu Borgir's new album artwork got banned!
03/30/07 Motley Crue announce Euro tour dates
03/30/07 Nightwish VIP tickets for Philadephia meet-and-greet available
03/30/07 Manowar receives Gold Award for "Fire And Blood" DVD
03/30/07 Dimmu Borgir to tour Europe
03/30/07 Hammerfall announce Euro Tour
03/30/07 Thin Lizzy confirmed for Sweden Rock Fest
03/30/07 Metallica confirmed for Spain Bilbao BBK Live Fest
03/29/07 Alice Cooper to play Aussie in July
03/29/07 Type O Negative "Dead Again" enter German chart
03/29/07 Metallica to support Rolling Stones
03/29/07 Black Sabbath - The Dio Years available for streaming
03/29/07 White Lion planning for U.S. tour
03/29/07 Type O Negative schedule signing session
03/29/07 U.D.O. new EP / new album artwork
03/29/07 Gamma Ray new album, DVD, tour update!
03/29/07 Smashing Pumpkins announce more tour dates
03/29/07 Poison's Bret Michaels announce solo tour dates
03/29/07 Def Leppard announce more tour dates
03/28/07 Shadows Fall, Gwar rumored for Sounds Of The Underground Annual
03/28/07 Heaven & Hell special promotion announced
03/28/07 Judas Priest "We're all really excited about how great this record is shaping up!!"
03/28/07 Scorpions' "Humanity - Hour 1" track listing revealed
03/28/07 Dave Mustaine "The Bible says that the U.N. is going to fail"
03/28/07 Axel Rudi Pell annouces title for "Covers" album
03/28/07 Overdrive to record first album since 1984
03/28/07 Rekuiem "Time Will Tell" special edition due in April
03/28/07 Heaven & Hell U.K. tour dates
03/28/07 Neil Peart explain new album title and artwork
03/27/07 Megadeth to be on Rockline
03/27/07 Rush "Snakes & Arrows" DVD version due in May
03/27/07 Great White announced tour dates
03/27/07 Deep Purple to perform the entire "Machine Head" LP on U.K. tour
03/27/07 L.A. Guns parts ways with bassist
03/27/07 Machine Head's Robert Flynn audio interview available
03/27/07 Poison, Ratt, Vince Niel set for Oklahoma Rocklahoma Summer Fest
03/27/07 Kittie "Funeral For Yesterday" tour updated
03/27/07 Steve Vai "Sound Current" project updated
03/27/07 Grave Digger confirmed for German Earthshaker Fest
03/26/07 Dream Theater confirmed for Luxembourg and France headlining tours
03/26/07 Slayer and Marilyn Manson to co-headline North America tour
03/26/07 Megadeth "A Tout Le Monde (Set Me Free)" full version available for streaming
03/26/07 Shadows Fall to be featured on MTV2
03/26/07 Robert Plant to perform in Malta
03/26/07 Megadeth to play in Israel in July
03/26/07 Tony Iommi to guest on Alice Cooper radio show
03/26/07 Gene Simmons says he doesn't want original KISS lineup to reunite
03/26/07 RUSH official tour dates announced
03/26/07 Alice Cooper teaming with Lemmy and Joan Jett
03/26/07 Rolling Stones bring "Bigger Bang" to U.K.
03/26/07 Krokus adding more Swiss dates
03/26/07 Nikki Sixx comment on the Heroin Diaries book and CD "The publishers were blown away"
03/26/07 Win Lordi tickets
03/26/07 Tiles new album on target
03/25/07 Edguy's Tobias Sammet announcing title of new Avantasia album
03/25/07 Malice confirmed for German Headbangers Fest
03/25/07 Alice Cooper judging on "Inmate Idle" video available
03/24/07 Blackie Lawless comment about his new song on W.A.S.P. new album
03/24/07 Scorpions performing new single "Humanity" from their new album
03/24/07 Velvet Revolver announcing North America tour dates
03/24/07 White Lion prepare Euro tour / new album release
03/24/07 Alice Cooper to judge on "Inmate Idol"
03/23/07 Hanoi Rocks confirmed for Finland Simerock Fest
03/23/07 Deep Purple confirmed for Ontario Rock In The Park - Back 4 More Fest
03/23/07 Sebastian Bach to headline Italy Evolution Fest
03/23/07 New Diamond Head album samples available
03/23/07 Mr. Lordi to star in horror film
03/23/07 Thin Lizzy confirmed for German Rock Hard Fest
03/23/07 Marilyn Manson comment on his new album "It's not a record about me crying, or songs about my woes"
03/23/07 Michael Anthony on his Rock Hall night
03/23/07 Rolling Stones and Police rumored for Slane Castle in Ireland
03/23/07 Angus Young voted as #1 rock icon
03/23/07 Doctor says ok to Roger Daltrey to finish Who tour
03/23/07 Pete Townshend say The Who and Rolling Stones are classic rock but not The Police
03/23/07 KISS to perform outdoor concert in Sault Ste. Marie
03/23/07 Ozzfest 2007 more billing lineup
03/22/07 Sirenia "Nine Destinies and A Downfall" entering German chart
03/22/07 W.A.S.P. "Dominator" audio samples available
03/22/07 Black Sabbath - The Dio Years digital distribution details revealed
03/22/07 Heaven and Hell to support Metallica in Vienna
03/22/07 Rob Zombie's "Halloween" shooting wraps today
03/22/07 KISS annual New York Expo announced for May
03/22/07 Ozzy Osbourne French biography available
03/22/07 L.A. Guns update live show
03/22/07 KISS comic book receive World Guinness Comic Book record certificate
03/22/07 Baltimoore Live at the Hard Rock Cafe in Stockholm DVD available
03/22/07 Bon Jovi to headline Tiger Jam X
03/22/07 Guns N' Roses 2007 World Tour starts in Japan
03/21/07 Machine Head the entire "The Blackening" album available for streaming
03/21/07 Def Leppard announce third summer tour date
03/21/07 "Get Thrash" The Story Of Thrash Metal: East coast premiere
03/21/07 RUSH official tour dates to be announced next week
03/21/07 The Cult might support The Who in Euro tour
03/21/07 Nine Inch Nails "Year Zero" not their first attempt at concept album
03/21/07 The End Records' Heavy Metal Makeover
03/21/07 Kamelot "Ghost Opera" Single strictly limited to fans on the Euro tour
03/21/07 Kamelot new album "Ghost Opera"
03/21/07 Paul Rodgers "Live In Glasgow" CD/DVD release dates
03/21/07 Steve Vai announce Euro tour dates
03/21/07 Rob Halford audio interview available
03/21/07 Lordi confirmed for Ozzfest 2007
03/21/07 Type O Negative "Dead Again" enter billboard at no. 27
03/21/07 Threshold "Dead Reckoning" U.S. release date pushed back to April
03/21/07 Kreator confirmed for German Rock Harz Fest
03/21/07 Megadeth, Machine Head, Velvet Revolver confirmed for Rock am Ring and Rock im Park Fest
03/20/07 The Police announce show at Churchill Downs Racetrack in Kentucky
03/20/07 Nightwish Vibeke Stene rumor
03/20/07 Shadows Fall audio interview available
03/20/07 Machine Head's Robert Flynn "It is time to unleash the f**king wolves"
03/20/07 Whitesnake 20th Anniversary Collector's Edition
03/20/07 Scorpions to play new song at European Union Anniversary Concert
03/20/07 Neil Peart "Sorry I haven’t been writing—I’ve been too busy writing."
03/20/07 Michael Schenker Group confirm for signing sessions at Frankfurt Musik Messe
03/20/07 Bon Jovi new album "Lost Highway" due in June
03/20/07 Laaz Rockit to re-release "City's Gonna Burn" with bonus material
03/20/07 Heaven and Hell Canadian TV commercial ad available
03/19/07 The Cult's Billy Duffy on the band new album "it still feels trashy and sort of ramshackle"
03/19/07 Glenn Hughes "America is such an important market for me"
03/19/07 Nine Inch Nails, Smashing Pumpkins confirmed for U.K. Reading and Leeds Fest
03/19/07 Edguy comment on upcoming North America tour
03/19/07 Saxon comment on Channel 4 documentary
03/19/07 Marilyn Manson to direct and star in short film?
03/19/07 Metallica is a girl!
03/19/07 Heaven & Hell connecticut show sold out
03/19/07 Stryper's Michael Sweet "I trust The Lord and I know He has a plan"
03/19/07 Blind Guardian new single to be released in May
03/19/07 Quireboys begins recording new album
03/19/07 Therion confirm for Norway Metal Heart Fest
03/19/07 Hanoi Rocks confirm for Finland Ruisrock Fest
03/19/07 Velvet Revolver to record B-Sides in Cleveland
03/19/07 Aerosmith to play in Las Vegas
03/19/07 Metallica confirm Wembley Stadium Show rumor
03/19/07 Destructor's EP available at True Fest
03/19/07 Peter Gabriel To Womad
03/19/07 The Who cancel another North American show
03/19/07 Brett Scallions joining Riders On The Storm (The Doors)
03/19/07 Gwar photos from London show
03/18/07 Def Leppard's Vivian Campbell issue Leppard new album update
03/18/07 Eric Singer Project at KISS expo in Holland
03/18/07 Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley attend Wizard World
03/18/07 Heaven And Hell's DIO/Appice audio interview available
03/18/07 Iron Maiden live in India report
03/18/07 Doro, Kittie featured on "Real Rock Divas" DVD
03/18/07 Whitesnake new album tentatively due in October
03/18/07 Sevendust will not take part in Family Values Tour
03/17/07 Dream Theater announce first U.S. heading tour date
03/17/07 Stryper to play at Unscripted 2007
03/17/07 Poison, Reunited RATT to perform at Universal City
03/17/07 DORO to perform at Czech Republic Award show tonight
03/17/07 Ronnie James Dio to guest on Alice Cooper radio show
03/17/07 RUSH North America, EURO tours rumor
03/17/07 Evanescence confirmed for Italy Metarock Fest
03/17/07 Dimmu Borgir three pairs NY show tickets up for grabs
03/17/07 Dimmu Borgir 'In Sorte Diaboli' book available for pre-order
03/17/07 Dimmu Borgir to guest at Frankfurt Music Trade Fair
03/17/07 Iron Maiden to India
03/16/07 Sebastian Bach announce Japanese tour
03/16/07 Motorhead confirmed for Bulgaria Kaliakra Rock Fest
03/16/07 Metallica new album has 'Middle Eastern' vibe
03/16/07 Evanescence 'Live From Las Vegas' to be available via iTune
03/16/07 Deliverance new album release date
03/16/07 Megadeth, Slayer, Type O Negative confirmed for France Hellfest
03/16/07 Skid Row announced more tour dates
03/16/07 Dream Theater confirmed for France Hellfest
03/16/07 Heaven and Hell announced "Hanging With..." air dates/times
03/16/07 Boston's Brad Delp suicide note
03/15/07 Black Sabbath - The Dio Year worldwide release date revealed
03/15/07 Uriah Heep announce new drummer
03/15/07 Roger Daltrey's voice gave up after the show started
03/15/07 Manowar to perform at March Metal Day Fest in Greek
03/15/07 Smashing Pumpkins to Toronto Virgin Fest
03/15/07 Lizzy Borden new album to feature Trivium guitarist, Y&T frontman
03/15/07 Velvet Revolver tour updated
03/15/07 Metallica recording new album
03/15/07 Mike Tramp of Tramp's White Lion to guest on "Friday Night Rocks"
03/15/07 Baltimoore announced DVD release date
03/15/07 W.A.S.P. confirmed for German Bang Your Head Fest
03/14/07 Edguy to tour North America with Susperia
03/14/07 Ozzy Osbourne, Megadeth, Slayer confirmed for Spain Monsters of Rock Fest
03/14/07 Alice Cooper to tour with U.K. with Motorhead
03/14/07 Celtic Frost issue statement regarding U.K. set duration
03/14/07 Black Sabbath -- Dio Years "The Devil Cried" digital single details updated
03/14/07 Queen / Paul Rodgers moving forward with recording sessions
03/14/07 Trouble "Simple Mind Condition" world premiere
03/14/07 Black Sabbath announces signing session in New York City
03/14/07 Jason Bonham on Led Zeppelin reunion "It would be an absolute honor"
03/14/07 Sevendust to Family Values Tour??
03/14/07 Megadeth headlining German tours
03/14/07 Pharoah to release new album
03/14/07 Sebastian Bach new song debut on "Trailer Park Boy"
03/14/07 U.D.O. to release new EP
03/14/07 Michael Schenker Group to tour North America
03/14/07 Paul McCartney may be planning to release new album in Spring
03/14/07 Pete Townshend says The Who now reflect "every shade" of his songwriting
03/14/07 Red Hot Chilli Peppers inviting fans to create video
03/14/07 Dave Mustaine "It's really invigorating to go back to playing thrash and speed metal."
03/14/07 Sammy Hagar "I totally encourage" Van Halen reunion
03/14/07 Exodus reunion w/ drummer Tom Hunting
03/13/07 Ozzfest 2007 tour dates revealed
03/13/07 Onslaught on radio tomorrow with Diamond Dave
03/13/07 Megadeth, Shadows Fall, Dream Theater confirmed for U.K. Download Fest
03/13/07 SAXON Amsterdam setlist revealed
03/13/07 Van Halen Rock Hall of Fame recap
03/13/07 Roger Waters new single "Hello (I Love You)"
03/13/07 The Police announce more U.K. tour
03/13/07 Rock Hall denies barring Roth from performing
03/13/07 Rob Zombie will use the original 'Halloween' theme song in his version
03/13/07 GNR's Dizzy Reed reveal the truth about the leaked song 'Better'
03/12/07 No Eddie, but Hagar will rock at Rock Hall Induction
03/12/07 Heaven & Hell Live DVD/CD due in Fall
03/12/07 Dream Theater's Jordan Rudess preparing for solo piano performance
03/12/07 GNR's Dizzy Reed, Quiet Riot's Alex Grossi performing at Rum Runners Florida
03/12/07 Iron Maiden Desert Rocks review
03/12/07 Napalm Death's Shane Embury "Busy times ahead"
03/12/07 Rammstein nominated for German ECHO awards
03/12/07 Heaven & Hell, Megadeth setlist, photos available
03/12/07 Triumph happy to be back together
03/12/07 Van Halen check into rehab, Roth skip Rock Hall Induction
03/12/07 Kreator reveal set-list for Euro tour
03/12/07 RUSH new album artwork revealed
03/12/07 Sadus announced new tour dates
03/12/07 Saxon's Nigel Glockler "Ready To Rock"
03/12/07 CROM new album artwork revealed
03/12/07 Slayer confirmed for Fields Rock Fest
03/12/07 Robert Plant rock in desert
03/10/07 Are you the biggest Slayer fan?
03/10/07 Internet Radio Station in danger of being out of business
03/10/07 Iron Maiden to rock 15,000 people at Dubai Rock Fest
03/10/07 Ronnie James Dio comment on Black Sabbath name
03/10/07 Grave Digger announce three GER live dates and three Russia shows
03/09/07 Boston singer Bradley Delp found dead
03/09/07 Def Leppard new album title revealed
03/09/07 The Accused teaming up with Dayglo Abortions for Euro tour
03/09/07 Gravity Kills reunite for a gig at 'The Edge 12th Birthday Bash' in Tulsa
03/09/07 Diimu Borgir more single "The Serpentine Offering" details revealed
03/09/07 Testament announce Russia dates
03/09/07 Iron Maiden Dubai setlist revealed
03/09/07 Velvet Revolver to perform Roth and Hagar tunes at Rock Hall Induction
03/09/07 John 5 collaborates with Lynyrd Skynyrd and Scorpions
03/09/07 Journey's Neil Schon on last year tour with Def Leppard "I think that we did very, very well with their audience"
03/09/07 Heaven & Hell computer-generated stage set
03/09/07 King Diamond new album released date set
03/09/07 "Metallica and Philosophy" book due in April/May
03/09/07 Rhino Bucket announced new tour dates
03/09/07 Dave Mustaine on new album, touring with Heaven & Hell
03/09/07 Nine Inch Nails New Album 'Year Zero' Become Movie?
03/09/07 Reunited TREAT to play at Sweden Norbergsrocken Fest
03/09/07 TOOL more re-scheduled dates announced
03/09/07 Gene Simmons giving Hip-Hop advice
03/09/07 Metallica 'Phantom Puppets' DVD interview available next month
03/09/07 Scorpions in mixing mode
03/08/07 Detroit KISS Expo Set For Next Month
03/08/07 "Get Thrashed" Thrash Metal Documentary trailer available
03/08/07 Former Nightwish Tarja nominated for Finnish Grammy
03/08/07 Van Halen to fans "At the moment I do not feel that I can give you my best."
03/08/07 David Lee Roth not allowed to play at Rock Hall Induction
03/08/07 Accept's Peter Baltes 'Acoutic' version of 'Balls' is "Butchering Metal History"
03/08/07 Metal Church's Ronny Munroe working on new record and seeking new members
03/08/07 The Wildhearts canceled U.S. tour
03/08/07 Ozzy Osbourne, Genesis, ZZ Top, Heart officially set for VH1 Rock Honors
03/07/07 Genesis announced North America tour dates
03/07/07 Paul Rodgers 'Live In Glasgow' CD due in April
03/07/07 Rarest Iron Maiden Japan promo available on eBay
03/07/07 Lizzy Borden bassist denies rumor to join Hammerfall
03/07/07 Testament entering studio in June
03/07/07 Rob Zombie taking off Halloween theme song, Myers driving skill
03/07/07 Paul Stanley unmasked
03/07/07 Mortiis advance tracks from new album available
03/07/07 Sammy Hagar says Eddie and Alex Van Halen will not attend R&R HOF Induction
03/07/07 Hammerfall comments on bassist departure
03/07/07 Deep Purple confirmed for Pennsylvania Musikfest
03/07/07 Poison, Ted Nugent to Rock River Roar
03/07/07 TOOL announced re-scheduled U.S. tour dates
03/07/07 Grave Digger confirmed for Slovenia Metalcamp Fest
03/07/07 Haggard confirmed for German Battle Of Metal Fest
03/07/07 Ex-Hammerfall bassist explaining the departure
03/07/07 Metallica to Wembley Stadium in July
03/07/07 Ozzy Osbourne, ZZ Top, Genesis, Heart rumored for VH1 Rock Honors
03/06/07 Behind the scenes of Heaven & Hell
03/06/07 Motley Crue, Machine Head confirmed for UK Download fest
03/06/07 Hammerfall parts ways with bassist Magnus Rosén
03/06/07 Warrant 'Born Again D.V.D.' DVD got push back till May
03/06/07 Michiael Schenker teaming up with Paul Di'Anno and Quireboys for Stockholm tours
03/06/07 Megadeth song offends shooting victim
03/06/07 ZZ Top, Velvet Revolver confirmed for Ohio Rock On The Range Fest
03/05/07 "Randy Rhoads Documentary" in the works
03/05/07 Nine Inch Nails postponed Birmingham concert
03/05/07 Gene Simmons to perform with Tommy Thayer at Camp Pendleton
03/05/07 Manowar "Gods Of War" Euro chart position revealed
03/05/07 Sammy Hagar hoping for peaceful night at R&R HOF Induction
03/05/07 RIOT announce European tour dates
03/05/07 Def Leppard confirmed for Minnesota Moondance Jam
03/05/07 Hallows Eve to be reunited for a gig since 1989
03/05/07 Nightmare starts recording new album
03/05/07 Def Leppard's Joe Elliott talking about new album
03/05/07 Slayer confirmed for Sweden Metaltown Fest
03/05/07 Heaven & Hell, Megadeth, Machine Head completed U.S. itinerary tour
03/05/07 TNT to support Ozzy Osbourne in Norway
03/05/07 Type O Negative announce more U.S. dates
03/05/07 Velvet Revolver finishes mixing new album
03/05/07 Scorpions featuring Uli Jon Roth confirmed for Sweden Rock Fest
03/05/07 Dimmu Borgir Hollywood party photos available
03/04/07 Onslaught U.K. tour
03/04/07 Diamond Head finalizing new album artwork
03/04/07 Vixen behind the split
03/04/07 Firehouse, ex-Ratt added to Scrap Metal Project
03/04/07 Machine Head confirmed for Sweden Metaltown Fest
03/04/07 Mick Jagger new LP is in the works
03/04/07 Robert Plant makes the Q Magazine "Greatest Voices" list, Ozzy "Worst Singers" list
03/03/07 Dimmu Borgir confirmed for German Nuclear Blast Fest
03/03/07 King Diamond on new album "It's the best album ever"
03/03/07 Great White begin recording new album
03/03/07 Sebastian Bach headlining Norway Kvinesdal Fest
03/03/07 Megadeth new single announced
03/03/07 Kerry King "We're probably the biggest underground band ever"
03/03/07 Metallica confirm for Portugal Super Bock Super Rock Fest
03/03/07 Heaven & Hell, Megadeth, Machine Head announce more tour
03/03/07 Megadeth announce Euro tour
03/02/07 Bon Jovi new song to debut on Arena Football Telecast on Sunday
03/02/07 Dimmu Borgir to guest on Indie 103.1FM 'Chaos' this Sunday
03/02/07 KISS to perform at Wisconsin Rock Fest
03/02/07 Lordi announced North American tour
03/02/07 Van Halen members attend Rock and Roll Hall of Fame
03/02/07 Megadeth, Machine Head to support Heaven & Hell U.S. tour
03/02/07 Scorpions, Lordi team up for 50th Anniversary of European Union concert
03/02/07 Agent Steel new album updated
03/02/07 TNT new album updated
03/02/07 Marilyn Manson Euro tour announced
03/02/07 Def Leppard to tour North America with Foreigner, Styx
03/02/07 Heaven & Hell to headline Bulgarian Kaliakra Rock Fest
03/02/07 Iron Maiden announces stadium show in Slovenia
03/02/07 W.A.S.P. "Dominator" new release date
03/02/07 Velvet Revolver on new album "It definitely still rocks, but it's incredibly more musical"
03/02/07 King Diamond guitarist to begin mixing new album 'Killer'
03/02/07 Steve Vai update his Sound Current project
03/02/07 Las Vegas benefitial show featuring WWIII Mandy Lion moving up to larger venue
03/02/07 REO Speedwagon new album title and artwork
03/02/07 "The Making of United Abominations" could be added into new Megadeth album
03/02/07 Glenn Hughes cover of Led Zeppelin's "Misty Mountain Hop" featured on Australian "Divine" CD
03/02/07 Krokus taking short, well-deserved break
03/01/07 Velvet Revolver being tapped for VH induction and performance
03/01/07 Slayer comes out on top in readers' polls
03/01/07 Testament, W.A.S.P. confirmed for Holland Waldrock Fest
03/01/07 David Lee Roth not interest in duet with Sammy Hagar
03/01/07 Exciter seeking new label
03/01/07 Paragon parted ways with bassist
03/01/07 Jeff Scott Soto change his singing approach since he joined Journey
03/01/07 Megadeth "Sleepwalker" lyrics posted
03/01/07 Black Sabbath three new songs samples available
03/01/07 Lordi 'The Arockalypse' certified gold in Ger
03/01/07 Lizzy Borden "Master Of Disguise" reissue trailer available
03/01/07 Stryper Greatest Hits Live In Puerto Rico DVD
03/01/07 Metallica -- Master of Puppets: Rock Milestone DVD
03/01/07 Black Label Society celebrate St. Patrick's Day / Toronto show sold out
03/01/07 Shadows Fall's Brian Fair "We just want to write a full-on metal record"
03/01/07 The Police announce new show & first Fall date
03/30/07 Glenn Hughes "I don't bow down to the god of money"
03/30/07 Black Sabbath's Geezer Butler "The Beatles changed my life"
03/30/07 Krokus's Marc Storace "We would love to regain the status that we had in the '80's but we know that is not going to happen easily."
03/27/07 Firehouse's Bill Leverty "I see an upswing in our tour"
03/27/07 K.K. Downing on Al Atkin for using Judas Priest name
03/26/07 Type O Negative's Peter Steele "I want to be the only man in this world"
03/25/07 John 5 "Rob Zombie is by far the best band I have ever been in"
03/25/07 Mike Tramp says he has no desire to pursue a more modern sound with White Lion
03/25/07 Gene Simmons "KISS is bigger now than it's ever been"
03/18/07 Dave Mustaine says "Sleepwalker" was inspired by Internet snipes on "one particular news site"
03/18/07 Vinny Appice comments about Black Sabbath - DIO era
03/17/07 Manowar's Eric Adams "We are innovators. We don't copy others"
03/16/07 TOOL's frontman Maynard James Keenan exclusive interview
03/15/07 Kerry King says he doesn't like playing Grammy - winning song "Eyes Of The Insane"
03/13/07 Machine Head's Phil Demmel "We're not a political band by any means"
03/13/07 Ronnie Jame Dio comment on Heaven & Hell
03/10/07 Edguy's Tobias Sammet on Avantasia project "There's no limits to our creativity"
03/10/07 Don Dokken says record label "They don't get the songs" on his new solo album
03/06/07 Vinny Appice "Dio is singing better than he has ever sung"
03/06/07 Dave Mustaine on Metallica "There's no more sour grapes"
03/05/07 Metallica's Lars talking about new album and future touring plans
03/04/07 Eric Peterson on new Testament album, promo video, new drummer
03/02/07 Bernie Torme on replacing Randy Rhoads "It was absolutely awful"
03/02/07 Heaven & Hell: Vinny Appice "Everybody's in the mood to play"
03/01/07 Velvet Revolver's Dave Kushner says new album is "totally different"
03/01/07 Slayer's Kerry King "I just won a Grammy - I don't go to do sh*t"


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