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12/31/06 Kittie more new songs posted
12/31/06 Knac.com issue year-end updates
12/31/06 MSG announcing second Japan tour
12/31/06 Don Dokken "As long as you keep making good music, people will buy it"
12/31/06 Megadeth new 2007 MegaFanClub Package available
12/30/06 Timo Tolkki, Stratovarius, working on solo album
12/30/06 Mortiis finishes work on 'Thrall'
12/30/06 Uli Jon Roth to present the revolution of new invention at 2007 NAMM
12/29/06 Talisman final tour postponed
12/29/06 Paul Stanley Australia tour dates announced
12/29/06 Leslie West "Cream are the reason I play guitar"
12/29/06 Kittie more U.S.A. tour added
12/29/06 Blue Oyster Cult bonus tracks for reissued albums
12/29/06 Mullets Rock to celebrate the new album 'Mullets In Love'
12/28/06 Boston, Tom Scholz thinking on new material and major tour
12/28/06 Onslaught new album samples available
12/28/06 Rare Pink Floyd memorabilia - Did you win?
12/28/06 The remake of Destruction's "Mad Butcher"
12/28/06 Metal Females Voice Fest more acts confirmed
12/28/06 Edguy's Tobias Sammet announce update for the next Avantasia album
12/27/06 Paul Rodgers Live DVD due in Spring
12/27/06 Wargasm's DVD "Coming along slowly but surely"
12/27/06 Vinnie Vincent Invasion debut reissued got cancelled
12/27/06 Doro's Belgian tour cancelled due to illness
12/27/06 Diamond Head japan release date revealed
12/26/06 Raven check in
12/26/06 GNR to tour Europe/Russia
12/26/06 GMT entering studio in January
12/26/06 Axl gets Sebastian record deal?
12/26/06 Trouble more tour date announced
12/26/06 Wizard 's new album due in Feb / more concert confirmed
12/25/06 Jon Bon Jovi with Kenneth Cole raising funds concert
12/25/06 Dennis Dunnaway "Reunited and It feels so good"
12/25/06 More new Kittie's song posted
12/25/06 Kreator, U.D.O., Gamma Ray confirmed for Earthshaker Fest
12/24/06 Threshold completes new album
12/24/06 Saxon comments on upcoming single
12/24/06 Def Leppard to finish new album in the first half of 2007
12/24/06 Ozzy Osbourne's cancer shock
12/24/06 Talisman last show set for 2007
12/24/06 Motorhead headline for German Earthshaker Fest 2007
12/23/06 Dirty Rotten Imbeciles to celebrate 25th anniversary in 2007
12/23/06 Sepultura headline for Argentina Monsters Metal Rock Fest
12/23/06 Waltari's new album details revealed
12/23/06 Lordi nominated for five RNJ radio awards
12/23/06 Hammerfall announces UK and Irish tours
12/22/06 Johnny Depp line up to play Freddie Mercury role
12/22/06 Serinia confirmed for Summer Breeze Fest
12/22/06 Dave Mustaine issue the year end update
12/22/06 GNR drum caught on fire
12/22/06 Manowar "God of War" release dates
12/22/06 Alice in Chains "It's been great to get up and play these old songs"
12/21/06 GNR's "Appetite For Destruction" is the top of the Greatest Album Ever
12/21/06 Destruction confirm for German Wacken Open Air Fest
12/21/06 Sabbath - Dio plotting 2007 tour
12/21/06 Thunder announcing Euro spring tour
12/21/06 Winger's Demo Anthology due in March 23rd
12/21/06 Testament confirmed for Metalmania Fest 2007
12/21/06 UFO Euro tour
12/21/06 AC/DC album nowhere near complete
12/21/06 Ozzy Osbourne rehab shock
12/21/06 Scott Weiland "Velvet Revolver new album is coming off amazingly"
12/20/06 Iron Maiden confirmed for Desert Rock Fest 2007
12/20/06 Tankard offering great deal on Merch / celebrating 25th anniversary at Summer Breeze Fest
12/20/06 The Who Duluxe multi disc live set
12/20/06 Nick Canatese: Ozzy upcoming album "It's gonna blow people away"
12/20/06 Threshold new title for new album
12/20/06 Velvet Revolver completes basic tracks for new cd
12/20/06 Iron Maiden 2007 Gig planning
12/19/06 Threshold drummer Johanne James voted as Classic Rock Society Drummer of the year
12/19/06 S.I.N. 's new track available
12/19/06 Jeff Scott Soto officially named as a Journey's new singer
12/19/06 Magnum UK tour date announced
12/19/06 Warrant DVD "Born Again" details
12/19/06 RUSH "Greatest Hits 1974-1987" certified gold
12/19/06 Europe perform acoustic on Swedish TV
12/19/06 Hammerfall second show in Pratteln, Switzerland
12/19/06 Type O Negative announce release date of new album
12/19/06 Lordi new single available in Finnish Post Office
12/19/06 Led Zeppelin's members suit website owner
12/19/06 Paul McCartney regreting not to finish third Beatles reunion song
12/19/06 John Cale, Velvet Underground, producing new Ambulance Ltd album
12/18/06 Ry Cooder to release new studio album
12/18/06 TOOL get ready for "Big Day Out"
12/18/06 Kittie's new song posted online
12/18/06 Twisted Sister on Late Late Show this Friday
12/18/06 Ex-WhiteSnake To Perform in Hell
12/18/06 Download at a music store?
12/18/06 Abbath to tour U.S. next fall?
12/18/06 U.D.O. new album release date confirmed
12/18/06 Former Dream Theater to release new CD
12/17/06 Joe Lynn Turner, ex-Deep Purple/Rain, beginning record new album
12/16/06 Gene Simmons "Most entertainers have little qualification to do anything else in life"
12/16/06 Doro confirmed for German Summer Breeze Fest
12/16/06 Stryper to release Live album from 2003 reunion
12/16/06 Gwar relaunch monthly fanzine
12/16/06 Reunited, Deliverance working on new album
12/16/06 John 5 "Rob Halford changed heavy metal"
12/16/06 Kamelot announcing Oslo tour
12/16/06 Trans-Siberian Orchestra "We weren't coming out of the gate to be a christmas tradition"
12/15/06 Oasis vs. Green Day
12/15/06 Tony Iommi gave a glimpse at the 3 new tracks.
12/15/06 Freddie Mercury double DVD "Lover of Life - Singer of Songs"
12/15/06 Letter from GNR's former manager Merck Mercuriadis "I believe in Axl Roses"
12/15/06 Mortiis 2 long awaited albums got reissued
12/15/06 Heaven and Hell to kick off Vancouver
12/15/06 Rush upcoming album is "Far ahead of schedule"
12/15/06 Scorpions to play Ozzfest?
12/15/06 Ozzy Osbourne back on the road in April
12/15/06 Bruce Dickinson giving away two current Iron Maiden tour tickets
12/15/06 Chris Caffery "Every concert is special, every single fan is special"
12/15/06 Velvet Revolver's live acoustic version of "Slither" available for streaming
12/15/06 Axl Roses' open letter explaning about shows cancelled; setting Chinese Democracy release
12/14/06 Aerosmith among the top grossing tours of 2006
12/14/06 Alice Cooper charity lineup with original members
12/14/06 Siggi Schwarz and Michael Schenker to release jamming CD
12/14/06 Paul McCartney "Technology has finally caught up with Beatles"
12/14/06 Nine Inch Nails to begin mixing new album in Jan
12/14/06 The Ramones for TOTS
12/14/06 Faust to release CDs and DVD
12/13/06 Def Leppard's new album "Sonically, It's a little more like Back in Black than Hysteria"
12/13/06 Trouble Euro tour dates changed
12/13/06 Threshold confirmed for Progpowerusa
12/13/06 Ian Gillan Australian tour cancelled
12/13/06 Tony Iommi as one of the classic rock icon
12/13/06 Meat Loaf North America tour
12/13/06 Velvet Hoax!
12/13/06 Pink Floyd rap?
12/13/06 GNR's fans still have hopes for Chinese Democracy
12/13/06 Thunder delays Japan DVD and Classic Rock CD
12/13/06 Motorhead, Hammerfall, Rage confirmed Czech's Masters of Rock Fest
12/13/06 Paul Raven return to Prong?
12/12/06 GNR cancel Fresno, CA tour
12/12/06 Ozzy Osbourne to release the ultimate dvd collection
12/12/06 Iron Maiden: The Birth of Eddie
12/12/06 Saxon new album release date announced
12/12/06 Pollstar reports Def Leppard/Journey, Aerosmith/Motley Crue among the most creative tour
12/12/06 Great White celebrate 25 anniversary by touring and new album
12/12/06 Iron Maiden came closs to vindicating their selfish decision
12/12/06 Blue Man Group inspired by KISS
12/12/06 Sirenia 3 new songs available for streaming
12/12/06 Trans-Siberian Orchestra video bootlegs available
12/12/06 Hanoi Rocks Finnish tour announced
12/11/06 Rekuiem new album pre-production in progress
12/11/06 Clutch 2007 Euro tour announced
12/11/06 Cloven Hoof reunited lineup schedule tours
12/11/06 Testament to issue the "Best Of"
12/11/06 Motorhead headlines special concert in Lingen
12/11/06 Members Hammerfall and King Diamond form X-World/5
12/11/06 Eddie Van Halen "The Occasion is entirely up to Roth, but we're ready to go"
12/11/06 D'Molls cancels reunited show
12/11/06 Winger tour dates announced
12/11/06 Rob Rock hits studio in January
12/11/06 Rock Harz Open Air 2007: Bills confirmed
12/11/06 Trouble announcing Euro tour dates
12/11/06 Uli Jon Roth "Best of" Due in Japan in January
12/11/06 Reverend releasing rough cut remaster of new song
12/11/06 Velvet Underground rare album going to the top on Ebay
12/10/06 Quireboys releases first DVD "One More For The Road"
12/10/06 Bang Tango "Production Material" from 1991 out for auction on Ebay
12/10/06 Deathrash new songs "Jaws are going to drop"
12/10/06 Angra takes Aurora Consurgens 2007 tour to Spain
12/10/06 Helix hits the road with The Trailer Park Boys in Jan
12/10/06 Rush, King Crimson's guitarists guests on Porcupine tree album
12/10/06 Europe nominated for Swedish Grammy Awards
12/09/06 2007 Rock and Metal Grammy Awards Nominees
12/09/06 Tramps's White Lion cancels remaining U.K. tour
12/09/06 Megadeth 'One Night' DVD due March 2007
12/09/06 Testament 2007 tour announced
12/09/06 Dimmu Borgir new album release date announced
12/08/06 RIAA seeks to reduce artists royalties
12/08/06 Sam Kress, Heathen's vocalist, passes away
12/08/06 TILES finished basic tracks for new album
12/08/06 Led Zeppelin "Bonham Christmas Special" animated
12/08/06 Kamelot put finishes touches to new album
12/08/06 Nine Inch Nails "Beside You In Time" DVD due Feb
12/08/06 Sepultura reunion "Nothing has been confirmed"
12/08/06 Dimmu Borgir Sweden Rock Fest confirmed
12/08/06 Velvet Revolver to play in Columbia?
12/08/06 Dark Moor new album cover revealed
12/07/06 Hallows Eve DVD coming up, new album in progress
12/07/06 Great White reissue recover collection in January
12/07/06 Paul McCartney among high profile artists call for Copyright law change
12/07/06 Queen and Paul Rodgers "Moving ahead with new music"
12/07/06 Lars Ulrich "New album very lively, very spunky, got a lot of energy"
12/07/06 Thunder new single updated
12/07/06 Kamelot announced more tour date for Finland
12/07/06 Heart "In The Studio" Book out 2007
12/06/06 Helloween new world tour DVD, CD announced
12/06/06 Metallica new album updated!
12/06/06 Megadeth, Dave Mustaine officially split with ESP guitarist
12/06/06 Whitesnake to release new album next summer
12/06/06 Eldritch new album featuring 14 killer songs
12/06/06 Mortal Sin new album in progress
12/06/06 Smashing Pumpkins new demos leaked!?
12/05/06 Mick Jagger, The Doors among the worst artists in music history voted by Blend Magazine
12/05/06 Tankard 2 album reissued to include covers of Metallica and Manowar
12/05/06 Blind Guardian confirm for France's Hellfest
12/05/06 Journey expand tour
12/05/06 Guns N' Roses go digital
12/05/06 Cerebral Fix reunited to headline UK's Cuntstock Fest
12/05/06 Bruce Kulick begins recording new album
12/04/06 Axl Roses "Get on board or fuck off"
12/04/06 The Hit Parader Top 10 Heavy Metal Singers
12/04/06 Cosby, Stills, Nash, and Young tour film in progress
12/04/06 Want to shred like Yngwie? Study the science of speedy picking
12/04/06 More Napalm Death Tour announced
12/04/06 Night Ranger tracks for 2 new releases
12/04/06 REO Speedwagon new tracks preview
12/04/06 Paradox carry on as duo
12/04/06 Baltimoore new album next spring
12/04/06 Dimebag rare track appeared
12/04/06 Guns for Guns N' Roses tickets
12/04/06 G3 Tour changed annonced
12/03/06 John5 to release solo album "The Devil Knows My Name"
12/03/06 L.A. Guns featuring Tracii Guns announcing UK Tour
12/03/06 Blind Guardian confirmed for UK's Bloodstock Open Air Fest
12/03/06 Rhino Records announce the release of Black Sabbath Dio-year on April 3
12/03/06 Beatles' songs to be out of copyright soon in UK
12/02/06 RATT Reunited!?
12/02/06 Skid Row cancels December tours
12/02/06 Heaven and Hell confirms Sweden Rock Festival
12/02/06 Metallica DVD The Video 1989-2004 trailer
12/02/06 Kreator confirms Euro tour with Celtic Frost
12/02/06 Obituary US date release announced for new DVD
12/02/06 Deep Purple Bangalore's biggest concert
12/02/06 Judas Priest talks about new album "Violent Storm Warning"
12/02/06 Velvet Revolver new album inspiration
12/01/06 David Gilmour & David Bowie "Arnold Layne" sneak preview
12/01/06 Ritchie Blackmore to release holiday album
12/01/06 Nightmare in pre-production for new album
12/01/06 Grateful Dead 1976 new year eve show to release in 3 cd set
12/01/06 Mortiis working on new materials
12/01/06 The Eagles adds new tracks into DVD
12/01/06 Def Leppard works on their new album
12/31/06 Paul Stanley "I've always felt kind of like the keeper of the flame in KISS"
12/30/06 WARRANT interviewed
12/30/06 Reb Beach, WINGER's guitarist, "It was great working with Kip again in the studio"
12/29/06 Sammy Hager 'Van Halen with David Lee Roth' "I don't see it working"
12/28/06 Sebastian Bach "Nobody has done for me what Axl Rose has done"
12/28/06 Jon Levin new album is nothing like 'Hell To Pay"
12/28/06 Doug Aldrich talking about new album
12/26/06 Joey Tempest exclusive interview
12/25/06 Ian Gillan on Ritchie Blackmore "That a**hole - I will never speak with him again"
12/24/06 Slayer's Kerry King comments on Grammy Nomination and upcoming tour
12/21/06 Warrant's Erik Turner "It would be nice for our misical careers to be born again"
12/19/06 Jeff Hanneman, Slayer guitarist: "If you sit down and over-think it, it's usually sh*t"
12/18/06 Dave "Snake" Sabo exclusive interview
12/18/06 Twisted Sister "nobody knew the reunion was going to be as successful as it was"
12/16/06 Lars Ulrich "Nobody wanted to make video with us"
12/15/06 Sebastian Bach says what Skid Row is doing now is "Confusing to the public"
12/13/06 Sebastian Bach "I know when 'Chinese Democracy' is coming out"
12/12/06 David Coverdale "Comparisons are unnecessary for me"
12/11/06 Andreas Kisser, Sepultura, "We want nothing to do with possible rumors"
12/10/06 Vinny Appice: Black Sabbath new songs are "very very heavy, but little bit more modern"
12/08/06 Bruce Dickinson exclusive interview about touring, flying, war and religion
12/07/06 Rob Halford exclusive interview about his departure from Priest
12/04/06 Interview with Skid Row bassist Rachel Bolan
12/03/06 Al Pitrelli "We work harder than almost anybody in our country works at their day job"
12/03/06 Twisted Sister, Dee Snider "We have not had this much interest since the '80s"
12/01/06 Sebastian Bach "I could never go back" to Skid Row


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