KISS has one of the most remarkable costume and make-up sets of all time. Their costumes and make-up are not too over the top and very eye-catching on stage. The band features (from left to right) the Demon (Gene Simmons), the Star Child (Paul Stanley), the Space Ace (Tommy Thayer), and the Cat Man (Eric Singer)
King Diamond
King Diamond has a very devil-like make-up and represents himself as satanist. Throughout his career he has change his make-up at least 3 styles. He used to paint a mesh of black and white line, with some red "blood" made to look like a wound coming out of his forehead. Lastly, he painted very little white and mainly black inverted crosses going up and down his face.
Immortal markup represents evil warriors from the darkness of hell fighting the battles in the frozen kingdom created by the hatred. It is ruled by a giant raven god called the "Mighty Ravendark."
Cradle of Filth
The band has created the image of vampire from horror movie film. Dani Filth, leadman, has the most colorful make-up. He represents himself as a bloody vampire.
Dimmu Borgir
Dimmu Borgir represents an images of gothic dungeon from the dark castle. The band's costume look like they are coming out from the Hellraiser film with leather outfits, metal thorns, and chains.
Alice Cooper
His onstage shock-rock theatric image likes no others. Alice Cooper is probably one of the first shock-rock pioneer. Usually he has black make-up around his eyes with vertical strike and black dropping line on both corners of his mouth.
Coming out from Warcraftt-like realm, this band of fierce monster surely knows how to put up the great show. Band features grotesque monsters and bizarre creatures including (from left to right) Oderus Urungus (intergalactic humanoid barbarian with devil horns and a meaty looking face), Balsac the Jaw of Death (a humanoid creature with a face resembling a bear-trap), Flatter Maximus (his red face, white dreadlocks, dinosaur-head shoulder pads and reptile feet), Beefcake the Mighty (a stout humanoid girded in Roman-style armor ), JiZmak Da Gusha (a monsterous dog with very large teeth)
Lordi features loathing monsters and disgusting creatures which, according to the band, have been inspired by KISS. They have a very well designed outfits with great colors and excellent details. Mr. Lordi's mask was even auctioned for more than 6000 euros. Band features (from left to right) Amen (an ancient mummy avenger, the god of gods), Kita (a manbeast from an ancient alien race), Mr. Lordi (the biomechanic man and the unholy overlord), Ox (a hellbull, as well as the oldest brother of the kalmageddon order), and Awa (a princess of darkness)
Marilyn Manson
Marilyn Manson is one of the most shocking icon image in rock history. He usually has some weird or odd make-up on mostly pale with very contrast color strikes and mismatched contact lense. On stage performance, he frequently features cross-dressing and outlandish costume. He often changes his make-up and costumes based on his emotion at that time.
The band frontman, Håvard Ellefsen (aka Mortiis), is the only person who is using the costume. He has worn a striking prosthetic mask which has become a subject of much urban legend. The mask looks like goblin, troll, elf, or medieval (not sure). However, Ellefsen says he is only Mortiis. The mask is based on the Blix from the movie Legend. He also used that character for his moulding.
Mushroomhead had distinguished themselves in the early day with each various individual mask like Snipknot. However, their masks would not stand out as their competitors. Their latest masks are identified by its distinct “X Face” logo, commonly worn boldly on the masks of most members, as well as clothing and associated merchandise. Faces of the masks look like Spider-Venom in Marvel Comics which now become their trademarks. In live concert, sometimes they alter their colors into red painting, yet still remain their SpiderVenom-like style on their covers.
Slipknot has a very odd image. Their members wear matching uniform jumpsuits , and custom-made masks inspired by facets of their respective personalities. However, their masks and jumpsuits are now more unique to each member and sometimes include ties. They have a very creative idea in presenting each individual image which goes together nicely as a group. Band features (from left to right, top to bottom) Skull-like Mask (Sid Wilson), Japanese Kabuki Mask (Joey Jordison), Hannibal Lecter Mask (Paul Gray), Pinocchio Leather Mask (Chris Fehn), Jester's Mask (James Root), Nailhead Mask (Craig Jones), Bloody Clown Mask (Shawn Crahan), Jason X Mask (Michael Thomson), and Leather Head Mask (Corey Taylor).
Wes Borland
Wes Borland is one of the colorful guitarists (in term of color on face) in this decade. We can expect some weird color and futuristic painting on his face every time he gets on stage. He changes his make-up at least 5 styles.
Green Jelly
Green Jelly has one of the craziest and out of the world costume. Their outfits tend to be nothing but comedy which made them high recognition. The band features Dunderhead (Joe Cannizzaro), Hotsy Menshot (Gary Helsinger), Moronic Dictator, Marshall "Duh" Staxx (Bill Manspeaker), Sadistica (Kim O'Donnell), Mick Stadium (Jim Laspesa), Jesus Quisp (CJ Buscaglia), and Pippi Rockstocking (Marc Levinthal).
This voodoo-like band has a very short life. However, they had took the body painting to the top. They often paint themselves before concerts as a sort of pre-concert ritual. Heard they might be reformed in 2007.
MuDvAyNe is one of the nu-metal band who frequently put very heavy make-up on their faces. The band includes (from left to right) Gurrg, Güüg (Grey Tribbett), Kud, Chüd (Chad Gray), sPaG, sPuG (Matthew McDonough), and RyKnow, Ru-d (Ryan Martinie)
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