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Accept Mistreated In 1989, German band released their best epic album, Eat the Heat. Although the album was the disappointment for many critics, "Mistreated" is their finest ballad.
  The King The second most successful German metal band Accept released their second album, I'm A Rebel, in 1980. The ballad "The King" showed the hint of their power and improvement that would later made the band famous.  
  Amamos la Vida After several unsuccessful albums, Accept tried to make a comeback with 1993's Objection Overruled, with an essential line up members and music similar to their peak period. It was a strong album with several moments, including the heartbreaking ballad "Amamos la Vida".  
Aerosmith Dream On Their first power ballad major hit from their debut album in 1973. It is a classic blue-based rock song. The song became a Top 10 single in 1976.
  Angel The patented big power ballad "Angel" was release in 1987 after the rehab. This is the great comeback of their career.
  What It Takes Although "What It Takes" was released during the pop culture concession, Aerosmith still maintained their dirty hard rock taste and add more emotion and grit into this song than other of their ballads.
  Amazing One of the amazing ballads in the 1994 album, Big Ones. In fact, it almost dominate most of the songs in the album.
  Cryin' Released under most successful album, Big Ones, "Cryin'" still one of the most Aerosmith's best ballads ever.
  Crazy The 5th and final single from one of the most popular album Get a Grip in 1993. The song was released as single in 1994 at #17 on Billboard Hot 100.
  Fly Away From Here "Fly Away From Here" was one of the singles from Aerosmith's platinum album Just Push Play, released in 2001. This power ballad did well on radio but failed to become another chart hit for the band.
  I Don't Want to Miss a Thing One of the most well known song from blockbuster hit movie soundtrack "Armageddon", 1998. The song hit the #1 on the Billboard Hot 100 for 4 weeks.
After Forever Intrinsic This Dutch heavy metal band released their second album, Decipher, in 2001. The album showed the band at the step of developing their own sound. Among them was the opera-style power ballad "Intrinsic".  
a-ha Stay On These Roads The Norwegian trio group a-ha was well-known for their 1985's hit "Take on Me". Being a synth pop band, you won't expect them to do a ballad. But the title track of 1988's Stay On These Roads was a masterpiece rock power ballad that hit big in UK - but sadly not in US.
Alannah Myles Lover of Mine This Canadian singer was best known for her international no.1 hit "Black Velvet", which boosted her 1989 debut album the top10 position on Billboard chart. Along with the mammoth hit, she also produced the semi-ballad "Lover of Mine".
Alanis Morissette Uninvited In 1998, a Canadian singer/songwriter Alanis Morissette recorded one song for the soundtrack of the film City of Angels. The ballad "Uninvited" became a top hit on mainstream chart. It also won 2 Grammy Awards for Best Female Rock Vocal Performance and Best Rock Song the following year.
Alcatrazz Suffer Me Alcatrazz might be best known as the showcase of vocalist, Graham Bonnet, and two renowned guitarist, Yngwie J. Malmsteen and Steve Vai. They started powerfully with 1983 debut, No Parole from Rock'n'Roll. "Suffer Me" was the closing ballad that displayed Bonnet's voice and Malmsteen's riff.
Alias More Than Words Can Say In 1990, Alias released "More Than Words Can Say" as their first single. The song reached the top Billboard Hot 100 at #2 for 1 week. Sadly, this band didn't get far and fell apart a few year later.
Alice Cooper Only Women Bleed "Only Women Bleed" was releared under the debut solo album of Alice Cooper, Welcome to My Nightmare. The song is definitely a sensitive ballad that became a Top Ten hit.
  You and Me "You and Me" shows another side of Alice Cooper' horror and theatrical element. The song is very simple and straightforward telling story about a man who dreams of giving his lover a glamouse life.
  I Never Cry The second hit ballad from this shock rocker, "I Never Cry" The song focuses on Alice Cooper deeper thoughts and tries to drive out some poet lyrics. The song successfully hit no.12 on the Pop Single chart.
  Take It Like a Woman Alice Cooper entered the new millennium with 2000's hard rock album, Brutal Planet. Although the music may sounded too loud, but there were powerful, dark, and sophisticated lyrics. "Take It Like a Woman" was a melodic ballad of the album.
  Every Woman Has a Name Cooper showed that he still did not lose his innovativeness in 2001's album, Dragontown. The album was fulled with dark, powerful tracks. Among them was the beautiful ballad "Every Woman Has a Name".  
Alice In Chains Down In A Hole One of the band masterpiece, Dirt was the most successful album Alice In Chains accomplished in 1992. The album features their texture and beautiful ballad "Down In A Hole"
  Rooster "Rooster" was the finest ballad of the album Dirt. This mourning ballad about the survival story of Veitnam war veteran nicknamed Rooster (Contrell's father) was the highlight of the album.
  Nutshell The 1994's Jar of Flies was undoubtly the softest album Alice In Chains ever recorded. It filled with low key and horrowing tunes. Among them was the slow deep ballad "Nutshell".
Alien Only One Woman Alien was a Swedish AOR rock band formed in 1987. Their self-title debut album in 1988 became a big hit with their ballad version of Bee Gees' "Only One Woman", which topped the chart of Sweden for 6 weeks.  
Anastacia Heavy On My Heart Anastacia was a pop artist who became famous for the dance hit "I'm Outta Love" in 2000. In her self-title album released in 2004, she unexpectly produced the non-dance song. The pop ballad "Heavy On My Heart" became one of her best song, which became European chart singles.  
Ann Wilson & Mike Reno Almost Paradise Soundtrack from the throwback rock & roll movie, Footloose. This is the duet between loverboy's Mike Reno and Heart's Ann Wilson. This is a beautiful ballad song.
Ann Wilson & Robin Zander Surrender To Me Another duet ballad from the Heart's other half, Ann Wilson. This not-so-famous ballad was co-written by Richard Marx for the soundtrack of 1988 film "Tequila Sunrise". With the duet vocal of Cheap Trick's Robin Zander, the song hit no.6 on the chart the same year.
Annihilator Phoenix Rising In 1993, Canadian thrashers Annihilator released their Third album, Set the World on Fire. The album was composed with their signature power chords and the memorable rhythm sections including the power ballad "Phoenix Rising"
Anouk Time Is a Jailer Anouk was one of the most successful singer from Netherland who lauched her career with the debut album 'Together Alone' in 1997. It earned her 3 Edison Awards and created several hits, including the heart-breaking ballad "Time Is a Jailer".  
April Wine Just Between You and Me "Just Between You and Me" is the career-defining power ballad of the band. The song was released under the most successful album of the band, Nature of The Beast.
Arcade Cry No More Arcade released their debut album with high quality of music with their alternative blending grunge, goth, industrial, dream pop, and jam bands together. The band took a step crossover genre like hair metal and provided a lean and streamline rock record. The album features one of beautiful ballad "Cry No More" which hit on Mainstream Rock at no.27.
At Vance Lost in Your Love At Vance was a German metal band formed in 1998. They produced the standard German power metal, which gained them some successes in Japan and Europe. "Lost in Your Love" was a melodic power metal ballad from their latest album, No Escape, in 2006.
Avantasia Farewell Avantasia was a metal all-star side project led by Edguy's Tobias Sammet. In 2001, they released the debut album, The Metal Opera, a concept album with fantasy storyline. The album also contained the symphonic ballad "Farewell".
  Inside "Inside" was another great ballad from the melodic power metal album The Metal Opera. This piano-only ballad was one of the highlights of the album.
  In Quest For Avantasia followed the success of the first album with the release of The Metal Opera, Pt.2 in 2002. The album was very similar to the first one, both in sound and style. It also featured the beautiful piano ballad "In Quest For".
Avril Lavigne I'm With You This Canadian teen pop artist gained national recognition when her 2002 debut album "Let's Go" became no.2 hit album on Billboard chart. The album also produced several hits including the top10 ballad "I'm With You".
Axel Rudi Pell Broken Heart Axel Rudi Pell was a German metal guitarist and an ex-member of German metal band Steeler. He started his solo career with the 1989 debut album, Wild Obsession. The album featured the sad metal ballad "Broken Heart".
  When A Blind Man Cries In their second album, Nasty Reputation, Axel continued to produce more ballad into their catalog. "When A Blind Man Cries" was a slow, sad ballad that would grieve anyone who heard it.
  Your Life (Not Close Enough To Paradise) Axel Rudi Pell released their third album, Eternal Prisoner, in 1992. They continue to produce slow-but-hard ballad with "Your Life (Not Close Enough to Paradise)".
  You Want Love The German metalist Axel Rudi Pell had special fond of ballad. The proof was that the band's first compilation album, released in 1993, was titled 'The Ballads'. "You Want Love" was the opening ballad of the album.
  Forever Young "Forever Young" was the second song of Axil's first specialized album, The Ballads. It followed up the opening track nicely with the different sound but similar atmosphere.
  Falling Tears Another new tracks from 1993's The Ballads, "Falling Tears" was one of the darkest song on the album.
  Silent Angel Axel Rudi Pell released their fifth studio album, Black Moon Pyramid, in 1996. It contained the melodic piano ballad "Silent Angel".
  Silent Angel (Guitar version) Also from 1996's album Black Moon Pyramid, Axel Rudi Pell closed the album with the guitar version of the album ballad "Silent Angel". The most interesting thing is that although the title suggested that both were the same sone, they sounded almost completely different. This guitar version used much slower rhythm and harder drum sound.
  Come Back to Me "Come Back to Me" was a metal ballad that first appeared on 1999's compilation 'The Ballad II'. It was later chosen to include into the band's only 'best of' album, The Wizard's Chosen Few, in 2000.
  All the Rest of My Life Axel Rudi Pell's ninth album Shadow Zone was released in 2002. It contained the traditional metal ballad "All the Rest of My Life".
  Heartbreaker Another power ballad from 2002 album, Shadow Zone. "Heartbreaker" was a ballad that sounded both fierce and mournful at the same time.
  Forever Angel In 2004, the German metal balladeer Axel Rudi Pell released an album Kings & Queens. "Forever Angel" was one of the power ballad he wrote for this album.
  Sea of Evil "Sea of Evil" was another of power ballad from Pell's 2004 album, Kings & Queens. This Pell's signature-tune ballad could close the album nicely.
  Don't Say Goodbye Axel Rudi Pell released only 3 albums between 1999-2004, but he already created enough ballads that could be compiled into The Ballads III album in 2004. Several tracks were new songs, such as the starting song "Don't Say Goodbye".
  The Temple of the King This new song from 2004 album, The Ballads III, was probably the only ballad he didn't write. "The Temple of the King" was a cover version from Rainbow's classic track that was produced into Pell-style power ballad.
  The Line Another new records from 2004's The Ballads III album. "The Line" was a power ballad that sounds like metal ballad from the late 1980s.
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