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Babylon A.D. Desperate This california band, Babylon A.D. took their place from their good demo tape and home made video and released their first album in 1990. But not until 9 years later that they can provide their best ballad "Desperate" in Live in Your Face album.
Bad 4 Good Nothin' Great About A Heartache Bad4Good was a short-live heavy metal band formed in 1991 under the guidance of Steve Vai. They released their only album, Refugee, in 1992. The album included the good ballad "Nothin' Great About A Heartache".  
Bad Company If You Needed Somebody In 1990, the legendary band, Bad Company, released the great album called Holy Water. By adding elements of 80's pop-metal to catch up the culture trend, the beautiful power ballad, "If You Needed Somebody", hit the single chart at #26.
Bad English When I See You Smile In 1989 , Bad English released one of the breat power ballad "When I See You Smile". Unfortunately, the band called quit after released their second album.
Balance of Power Just Before You Leave Balance of Power was a British melodic progressive metal band formed in mid 1990s. In 2003, they released their best selling album, Hearten Machine, which included the power ballad "Just Before You Leave".
Bangles Eternal Flame With many helps of professional songwriters, The Bangles released the great ever power ballad called "Eternal Frame". After the song was recorded in 1988, the band broke up, but reformed again in the summer of 2000.
Bathory Ring of Gold The Swedish black metal Bathory released the first of their two-album sega Nordland in 2003. This concept album about Scandinavian mythology contained the excellent acoustic ballad "Ring of Gold".
Benny Mardones Into The Night In 1980, Benny Mardones released his greatest song in his career "Into The Night". This slow ballad hit no.11 the same year and became his only one-hit on Billboard chart. He released it again in 1989 and also the song became top20 for the second time.
Berlin Take My Breath Away "Take My Breath Away" was featured in the blockbuster hit Top Gun as the love theme between Kelly McGillis and Tom Cruise. The song helped the movie's soundtrack become one of the best selling ever.
  Pink and Velvet Berlin released their theird album, Count Three and Pray, in 1986. The album had several strong moments including the ending ballad "Pink and Velvet". But it didn't produce good commercial profit, and Berlin soon broke up.  
Bette Midler Wind Beneath My Wings This gentle country ballad became the smash hit when Bette Midler took this single under the soundtrack of her 1989 family serie Beaches. The song appears well known on love song collections, wedding music albums, etc.
  From a Distance After the Beaches' soundtrack, Bette Midler hit big again with 1990's album Some People's Lives. It was powered by the pop ballad "From a Distance" that became no.2 hit in 1990.
Better Than Ezra Desperately Wanting The alternative trio group Better Than Ezra was formed in 1987 in New Orlean, LA. Their second album Friction, Baby was released in 1996. The album produced 2 hits, including the ballad "Desperately Wanting".
Billy Idol Eyes Without a Face Released under the album Rebel Yell, "Eyes Without a Face, gave this bad boy England Billy Idol the first U.S. Top Ten hit in 1983.
Black Label Society Blackend Waters The former Ozzy Osbourne's guitarist Zakk Wylde formed his own band, Black Label Society, in 1999. In their fourth studio album, Blessed Hellride, Wylde created a metal ballad called "Blackend Waters"
Black Sabbath Changes The album started the new era for this grand daddy of metal bands with their trademark sound on tracks like the orchestrated piano ballad "Changes". Since then the band has yet to record another ballad.  
  No Stranger to Love Never intended to release, Tony Iommi had been forced to use his broken band's name for his solo album. Despite any dilemma, he produced one of the gorgeous ballad called "No Stranger to Love".
  Nightwing Although, in the late 80's all major line up left the band, Iommi still proved that he can produced one of the finest non-ozzy Black Sabbath album, Headless Cross with the beautiful acoustic playing ballad "Nightwing"  
  Dying for Love The band former vocalist Tony Martin replaced Ronnie James Dio in Black Sabbath's 17th album - Cross Purpose. It contained a slow, not-so-banging ballad titled as "Dying for Love".  
Blind Guardian The Bard's Song Inspired by J.R.R. Tolkein and Stephen King, Blind Guardian released their 4th album. The album also features the fantasy tales beautiful melodic ballad "The Bard's Song -- In the Forest".
  Harvest of Sorrow "Harvest of Sorrow" was a melodic ballad was first released with in 2001's EP, And Then There Was Silence. It was later re-released as a closing ballad in Japan edition of their 2002's album, Night at the Opera.
Blue Oyster Cult Then Came the Last Days of May In 1972, Blue Oyster Cult released its self-titled debut album. Although their music reflect the dark side of New York, "Then Came the Last Days of May" is a nice and smooth soft ballad song. The song has a pretty melody with chilling storyline and touches of rattlesnake sound.
Bon Jovi Never Say Goodbye This is considered as the breakthrough album for Bon Jovi. Their contemporary pop/rock style won their audience heart with the emotional ballad called "Never Say Goodbye"
  Wanted Dead or Alive "Wanted Dead or Alive" was the third hit singles from Bon Jovi's 1986 multi-platinum album, Slippery When Wet. This slow acoustic ballad made it to top10 hit the following year.
  I'll Be There For You Released in 1988, "I'll Be There For You" was one of the successful romantic ballad song which drove this album hit #1 on Billboard Album and celebrated itself as #1 on Billboard Single Hot 100 in 1989.
  Santa Fe Jovi took a leave from his usual rock and produced a western-inspired album, Blaze of Glory, as a non-soundtrack for the film 'Young Guns II' in 1990. "Santa Fe" was a light rock ballad that softer than most of his standards.
  Bed Of Roses Although the album was inspired by Bruce Springsteen, Bon Jovi still produced the classic ballad like "Bed Of Roses" with his style of romatic and sensual lyric and composition.
  Always Crossroad is the great album collection of many biggest single hits, adding a couple new songs including the beautiful slow pop ballad "Always".
  This Ain't a Love Song Bon Jovi shifted itself to adult contemporary in 1995's These Days. However, they never stopped on producing ballad and "This Ain't a Love Song" became their another top20 hit.
  Thank You for Loving Me Bon Jovi turned into more pop/rock sound in the 2000's album Crush. The result was a good mainstream rock album that topped no.9 on the chart. One of the highlights was Bryan Adams-style ballad "Thank You for Loving Me".
  All About Lovin' You After successful comeback with 'Crush' in 2000, they tried to follow that with 2002's 'Bounce'. But the album didn't come out as good as they tried to sound serious about anything, including the the power ballad "All About Lovin' You".
Bonfire Give It A Try In 1985, German heavy metal band, Bonfire, released one of their second great album, Fireworks. The album features their finest powerful ballad "Give It A Try"
  You Make Me Feel Bonfire released their debut album, Don't Touch That Light, in 1986 with their signature power ballad "You Make Me Feel".
  Who's Foolin' Who "Who's Foolin' Who" was a strong power ballad from Bonfire's 1989 album, Point Blank. The album hit the UK chart the same year.
  River of Glory The official forth studio album of German metal band Bonfire, titled as Knock Out, hit the market in 1991. While it might be their least successful work, it did contain a good slow easy ballad "River of Glory".  
  Feels Like Comin' Home In the 1997's ballad compilation album, Hot & Slow, Bonfire released a new gentle power ballad called "Feels Like Comin' Home".  
Bonnie Bianco My First Love Lory "Bonnie" Bianco is an American actor/singer who found success in Europe. In 1987, she released a standard pop ballad "My First Love".  
Bonnie Tyler Total Eclipse Of The Heart In 1983, "Total Eclipse Of The Heart" brought the successful to Bonnie Tyler album Faster Than the Speed of Night. The song hit #1 for 4 straight weeks and became one of the finest ballads ever hit radio.
Boston Amanda After the long eight years, Boston completed their third album with their original sound. With their experiment of blending acoustic and electric guitars, Boston released one of the great ballad "Amanda". The song also hit #1 on the Billboard Hot 100.
Brian May Too Much Love Will Kill You Brian May was well-known as a guitarist of Queen. His solo debut, Back to the Light, was released in 1993. The album was packed with strong, emotional songs; such as the mourning ballad "Too Much Love Will Kill You". The song also won Ivor Novello Award for Best Song Musically & Lyrically in 1996.
Breathe Hands To Heaven In 1987, quartet band from UK released their two top hit ballads on the Billboard Hot 100 including "Hands To Heaven" at #2, and "How Can I Fall" at #3 on the chart. wow!  
  How Can I Fall In 1987, quartet band from UK released their two top hit ballads on the Billboard Hot 100 including "Hands To Heaven" at #2, and "How Can I Fall" at #3 on the chart. wow!  
Bret Michaels One More Day Bret Michaels was the former frontman of the popular hair-metal band Poison who went solo after the band broke up in 1993. He released his second solo album, Songs Of Life, in 2003. The album also featured the acoustic ballad "One More Day".
Brighton Rock Can't Wait For The Night The Canadian metal band of the 80s Brighton Rock made an international success debut with their first album Young, Wild and Free in 1986. It contained many good tunes including the ballad "Can't Wait For The Night". However, the band fail to follow its success and disbanded in 1991.  
Bruce Dickinson Tears of the Dragon Left from Iron Maiden, Bruce Dickinson released his second solo album in 1994, Balls to Picasso. The album was well constructed and features one of his best ballad "Tears of the Dragon" which hit the Mainstream Rock Tracks at no.36.
Bryan Adams Straight from the Heart Bryan Adams first success came with his third album, Cut Like a Knife, in 1983. It earned him his first top10 hit, also the first of his hit ballads, "Straight from the Heart".
  Heaven With his genius and talents, Bryan Adams released another of his successful album, Reckless, a flawless collection of pure melodic hard rock and beautiful ballad like "Heaven", the ballad to end all ballads
  (Everything I Do) I Do It For You Theme from the movie Robin Hood Prince of Thieves. Spent seven weeks on U.S. pop chart which become the longest American chart-topper "(Everything I Do) I Do It For You" is considered the most successful single from UK.
  Do I Have to Say the Words? Another good ballad from Adams' million-selling 1991 album, Waking Up the Neighbours. This mid-tempo ballad reached no.11 on Billboard chart the same year.
  Please Forgive Me Bryan Adams' first greatest compilation, So Far So Good, was released in 1993. It also contained a new song "Please Forgive Me". The song became top10 hit and was later regarded as one of his best power ballad.
  All For One Bryan Adams worked with Rod Stewart and Sting for the soundtrack of 1993's The Three Musketeers. "All For One" was an Adams-style ballad that gave him another no.1 hit in early 1994.  
  Have You Ever Really Loved a Woman? From the soundtrack of 1995's romantic comedy Don Juan DeMarco, an easy, acoustic ballad "Have You Ever Really Loved a Woman" was the highlight of the soundtrack.
  When You Love Someone Adams worked on another soundtrack in the 1998's romatic drama film Hope Floats. "When You Love Someone" was a slow ballad that descripe the movie quite well.
Bush Glycerine The post-Nirvana British band 'Bush' landed a big hit in America with their debut 'Sixteen Stone' in 1994. The humble ballad "Glycerine" became a hit and climbed to no.28 on Billboard chart.
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