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Gamma Ray Pray Gamma Ray was a heavy metal band formed by the former Helloween, Kai Hansen, in 1989. Their fifth album, Somewhere Out in Space, was a tribute album to the movie 2001: A Space Odyssey, and contains the Helloween-style ballad "Pray". Amazon MP3
  Lake Of Tears In 2001 album, No World Order, Gamma Ray told a story of the conspiracies and mad dictators. "Lake Of Tears" was the power ballad used to close the album. Amazon MP3
Gary Hughes At The End of Day Gary Hughes was famous for his works with the UK melodic hard rock band TEN. He sometimes released his solo album. On his 2003 fantasy album Once and Future King, Pt.1, he created a piano ballad "At The End of Day".  
Gary Moore Parisienne Walkways This ballad was first released in the 1979's album, Back on the Streets, and became his first hit in UK. He later added more power to this blue ballad in live concert. This live version, believed to be played in Japan in 1983, was first issued in his 1998 greatest hit album and later as a bonus track in 2003 reissued edition of Japan live album. Amazon MP3
  Empty Rooms The Irelish artist Gary Moore release his masterpiece album, Victims of the Future, in 1983. "Empty Rooms" became hit ballad in Europe but never release in US. Amazon MP3
  The Loner Moore tried to repeat the success of 1985 album with Wild Frontier in 1987. The album was filled with pop-metal songs, but not as stong as in the previous ones. The instrumental ballad "The Loner" was a highlight of this album. Amazon MP3
  Still Got the Blues Gary Moore turned back to blues standard in the 1990 album, Still Got the Blues. The title track was the strong rock ballad with a touch of blues and push the album to became his biggest selling ever. Amazon MP3
Giant I'll See You in My Dreams This late 80s metal band manage to crack the chart in 1989 with the power ballad "I'll See You in My Dreams". But after the next album fail to make a sale, they disbanded.  
Glenn Hughes Why Don't You Stay He was probably best known as the bassist/vocalist of Deep Purple, Glenn Hughes also had produced many solo albums and worked with many groups through out his music career. In his 1994 solo album, From Now on [+2], he created the powerful ballad "Why Don't You Stay".  
Golden Earring Going to the Run Golden Earring are less known for their works beside the smash 70s hit "Radar Love". But in 1991 album "Bloody Buccaneers", they delivered a really good power ballad "Going to the Run"
Goo Goo Dolls Iris Became one of the soundtrack of the blockbuster movie, City of Angels, Iris by Goo Goo Dolls was the beautiful and touching ballad. Amazon MP3
  Name In 1995, Goo Goo Dolls composed one of their most emotional and sweet but sad acoustic ballad "Name". The song was craftly composed with the profound lyric focused on the friendship, loss, and fame. The song hit no.5 on The Billboard Hot 100. Amazon MP3
Grave Digger The Ballad of Mary (Queen of Scots) Formed in 1980, German band, Grave Digger released their tenth album, Tune of War. The album features their beautiful ballad "The Ballad of Mary (Queen of Scots).  
  The House Grave Digger released their ninth studio self-titled album, The Grave Digger in 2001. Even in this down trend era of rock&roll, this German power house still delivered one of their most beautiful ballad songs "The House" giving this album one of Grave Digger's best albums of all. Amazon MP3
  Silence In 2001, Power metal band, Grave Digger released their ninth album entitled The Grave Digger. The album features the overblown orchestration epic ballad song "Silence" running in the total of 7:15 minutes.  
Great White Save Your Love "Save Your Love" is the power ballad from the second album of Great White "Once Bitten …". The album became the hit and went platinum in 1987. Amazon MP3
  The Angel Song Great White reached their peak with the double-platinum album "… Twice Shy" in 1989. The ballad "The Angle Song" became one of their only two top40 in their career. Amazon MP3
  House of Broken Love Another great ballad from Great White's best album '… Twice Shy', "House of Broken Love" was a ballad that sounded like arena rock from the 70s. Amazon MP3
Green Day Wake Me Up When September Ends Green Day is one of the most important American alternative band in the post-Nirvana era. They used inspiration from several classic rock band (i.e. The Who and Queen) to compose their seventh album, American Idiot, in 2004. Among those rock-inspire records was their style of ballad "Wake Me Up When September Ends". Amazon MP3
Guns N' Roses Sweet Child O' Mine One of the amazing memorable guitar introduction by Mr. Slash in the history of rock n' roll, "Sweet Child O' Mine" make this raw and ugly rock n' roll band to the ultimate famous. The song hit no.1 in the summer of 1988. Amazon MP3
  Patience The first true ballad from Guns N' Roses and became the forth straight Top Ten single. With the throat-shredding vocal from Rose and amazing guitar melody from Mr. Slash, this is the true power ballad for hard rock fans but also soften inside for smooth play. Amazon MP3
  Don't Cry Took almost 3 years to complete, Use Your Illusion I & II was released. Many critics said it was a wrong move. But I think this is one of my most favorite album. The concept is the most creative and different from others. Songs are solid and colorful including the most classic power ballad "Don't Cry" Amazon MP3
  November Rain One ot the most legendary power ballad of all time, "November Rain" can be described as epic and magnificent in both music and music video. Axle Rose brought the beauty and grand to the song by piano and full orchestra. The song was a hit and stood respectfully at no. 3 on Billboard Hot 100 in 1992 Amazon MP3
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