A five-and-a-half minute video clip of Sharon and Ozzy Osbourne discussing the infamous Ozzfest 2005 incident when Sharon attempted to sabotage IRON MAIDEN's appearance at the event was recently posted on YouTube. Sharon messed with MAIDEN's sound and had the band pelted with eggs onstage after claiming that lead singer Bruce Dickinson had made disparaging remarks about her husband throughout the tour. The clip, which was recorded on March 10, 2006 during Sharon and Ozzy's appearance on "The Howard Stern Show", can be viewed at this location.

A HowardStern.com partial recap of Ozzy and Sharon's appearance on the program, which was posted on the web site a year ago, reads as follows: "Richard Christy [ex-ICED EARTH/DEATH drummer and current 'The Howard Stern Show' employee] came into the studio and brought up the battle Sharon had with Bruce Dickinson of IRON MAIDEN. Sharon explained that she personally asked Bruce and his band to join the last Ozzfest tour and, despite the fact that IRON MAIDEN was being paid $185,000 per show, Bruce, out of what she called jealousy, badmouthed Ozzy on stage every night. Because of this, Sharon reported that she hired 200 'Hispanic kids,'' some of whom had worked at the hospital where she recovered from her bout with cancer, to throw eggs at Bruce during the final night of the tour. Sharon noted that the plan went off without a hitch and that Bruce had a difficult time looking serious onstage that show because of the 'eggshells in his mouth.'"

In an interview with Attitude magazine, Sharon Osbourne said that she hated Dickinson but still respected his band, explaining, "The band are actually really nice guys, but the singer has a chip on his shoulder...He never once thanked us for the tour. People don't behave like that. I tell you, though. This guy got the singer with a fucking egg right in the middle of his brow — what a star!"

The incident occurred on August 20, 2005 in San Bernardino, California. VELVET REVOLVER replaced MAIDEN on the tour for the last seven shows. MAIDEN manager Rod Smallwood later lashed out at Sharon Osbourne publicly, saying, "In 30 years in this business...I have never seen anything anywhere near as disgusting and unprofessional as what went on that night."

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Recently, Clare B. of the Canada-based metal webzine Sacred Embrace conducted an interview with SONATA ARCTICA vocalist Tony Kakko. Few excerpts are follows:

Sacred Embrace: Have there been any responses yet to the [new SONATA ARCTICA] album ["Unia"]?

Tony Kakko: I haven't seen any responses yet [laughs]. Only from the people who have heard it, from a few interviews, and people have liked it.

Sacred Embrace: And what do you think of it?

Tony Kakko: I love it. For me, it's the best album we've done. And I can say this with clear eyes, without being all weird about it. Of course, it's a cliché to say, but it's so different. It makes me smile, and that's one big thing, and it can make me cry and …people don't understand totally that when you've been working with an album for half a year or so, you are really tired of the music you have there and you don't necessarily want to listen to the album again and again and again. It would be natural for me and this has at least happened with the previous albums; I can listen to it a couple of times after it's been mastered but then I'm like, "Okay, now I can maybe start listening to something else." But this album, it still makes me smile and I want to listen to it.

Sacred Embrace: Aside from the music, the sound quality is very different as well.

Tony Kakko: Quality, yeah. We wanted to make the whole album sound more organic, warmer in a way. It brings out the drums in a way that we wanted to have them and the guitars, basically — the really warm, heavy sound of the guitars. And we tried different kinds of mastering styles and this, what we have now, it's the best.

Sacred Embrace: So you knew that something had to change in the sound?

Tony Kakko: Yeah, well of course, the music was so different that we wanted to change [the sound]. I hadn't always been happy with the complete result, you know, the mastering, how the sound has been, what it sounds [like] in the end. Mastering has made the whole thing sound a bit cold, in a wrong way — of course, we are SONATA ARCTICA, and it should be cold, but [laughs] anyway, you know. It changes too much, in my opinion, from what it sounds like when we record it, to mastering. And this time it didn't happen; it actually sounds even better.

Sacred Embrace: So do you feel like this ["Unia"] is kind of a new start, in a way?

Tony Kakko: Well, yeah. Or — well, I don't know [both laugh]. A refreshing dinner or something [both laugh], because, well, the last two we got really tired with all this straight-forward thing. Like, a couple of the last shows we had in Finland, I was not on this planet anymore. I was thinking of completely different things and I couldn't concentrate anymore. In my books, most of the songs' sound [was] in the same vein, too much, so we wanted to try also some kind of different — something other to than drink. You know, I don't want Henkka to drink too much [during] the shows [laughs]. Now he can't do that, because he's got something else to do, play difficult songs. This is also the health factor [laughs]. I'm just kidding [laughs].

Sacred Embrace: How did your writing process change? It sounds like some things were really intentional, like you wanted it to be weird and you went out and researched dreams, omens and premonitions and stuff. The music is so different that maybe the writing process was different too?

Tony Kakko: Yeah, well I told you already about this "Idols" thing and how I started writing for someone else and not for SONATA ARCTICA, and that was really a liberating feeling. And I thought I could come up with really different ideas and styles and songs, different type[s] of songs with that method. And I never gave it up. I wrote the whole album in the thought that "I'm writing for someone else, not for SONATA ARCTICA." On previous songs I've written like, six, seven songs and then noticed that I'm missing all the double kick songs [laughing] and then I have to write them. So this time I didn't go there, and this is why there is no normal "Blank File", "Wolf and Raven", "Victoria's Secret" songs there. Well, we have kind of a "Victoria's Secret" [laughs], but no "Blank File", anyway. I didn't want to write one because there has to be one. It would have been like cheating myself. Maybe in the future, we can have some on the next album, but on this album I didn't feel like writing [one]. Well, it was [a] natural process, the way they came out. I didn't want to change them too much. In a way, this is like something close to what would be my solo album in a way, maybe. Not sure. I might go even further with my solo thing. It would be more different, of course, because with SONATA ARCTICA, on this album, of course, the guys are playing and are doing their own stuff.

Sacred Embrace: Would you ever do a solo album?

Tony Kakko: Yeah, I have a dream, but at the moment I have other projects, like I told you, that are keeping me busy. I should do some music for the game, the computer game ["Winterhearts' Guild"]. Actually, "The Worlds Forgotten, the Words Forbidden" song, which is on the album, I originally wrote it for the game, but so many people told me, "Isn't it a terrible waste to put one song in only for that game," and then when they told me, the game people, that "This is not exactly what we are looking for," but this would be good in the end of the game when the credits [are rolling], it would be there as background music, and I was like, "Hmm, I'd really like this song." It would have been also that somebody would have cut that song out of the game and it would have been available for everybody on the Internet anyway.

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The first official trailer for Rob Zombie's upcoming remake of the 1978 horror classic "Halloween" has been posted online here.

"Halloween" is due in theaters on August 31, 2007. The movie is Zombie's third feature film as a director after 2003's "House of 1000 Corpses" and 2005's "The Devil's Rejects".

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