01/03/10 !! Finally, all the broken itune links have been replaced with Amazon mp3 links!
03/08/09 !! Added Bon Jovi, Black Sabbath, Nazareth, Brian May, Staind, and more!
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04/20/07 RATT Current Lineup?
04/20/07 Ozzy "I Don't Wanna Stop" Full-Length
04/20/07 LORDI Cancelled Wacken Open Air
04/20/07 Manson The Making Of "Eat Me, Drink Me"
04/20/07 King Diamond Swedish Dates Announced
04/20/07 The Accused Announce Euro Tour Dates
04/20/07 Queensryche Join Heaven & Hell In Sep
04/20/07 Paul Stanley Comment On Illegal Download
04/18/07 Possessed Reunited For Wacken Open Air 07
04/18/07 Black Label Society To German Fest
04/18/07 Hanoi Rock To Release Single "Fashion"
04/16/07 Marilyn Manson New Song Available Online
04/16/07 Def Leppard Announce Summer Tour Dates
04/16/07 Grave Digger "Take Care Of Your Ears!"
04/14/07 MSG Announce U.S. Tour Dates
04/14/07 John 5 "I Just Do Instrumental Because I..."
04/14/07 Stratovarius' Tolkki Doesn't Like Last Album
04/14/07 King Diamond Making Tour Plans
04/14/07 Great White New Album Title Revealed
04/14/07 RUSH "Snakes & Arrows" Song Sample
04/14/07 Slash "Good Idea" For GNR Lineup For Gigs
04/14/07 Dream Theater New Album DVD Special Edt
04/14/07 Extreme Perform At Metal Skool In Hollywd
04/13/07 White Wolf Returning With Studio Album
04/13/07 Zeppelin Pick Song For Hard Rock Coaster
04/13/07 Skid Row Announce More Tour Dates
04/13/07 NILE Announce More Ozzfest "Off" Dates
04/13/07 Dokken Set September Release For New CD
04/12/07 OZZFEST No Bristow, Fans Disappointed
04/12/07 Guns N' Roses Australia Tour Is A GO!
04/12/07 NILE New Album Details!
04/11/07 Motley Crue Confirmed Helsinki Date
04/11/07 Kreator "We're Working On New Stuff!"
04/11/07 Krokus's Storace Looking Forward Next Tour
04/11/07 Black Sabbath, Shadows Fall 1st Week Sales
04/11/07 Cooper "Few Rockers Who Dont Trash Rooms
04/11/07 Attacker Confirmed The Monsters Ball Fest
04/11/07 Ozzy Osbourne "Black Rain" Album Details
04/11/07 White Lion Added To Poison/Ratt Tour?
04/11/07 Sonata Arctica Announce Euro Headlining
04/11/07 Velvet Revolver Pushing Back "Libertad"
04/11/07 Hammerfall Announcing New Bassist
04/10/07 Marilyn Manson New Single Sample Out
04/10/07 Saxon To Release "Anti-Gun-Crime" Single
04/10/07 Smashing Pumpkins Headline Live Earth Fst
04/10/07 Mr. Lordi Planning New Album In Late 2008
04/10/07 Exodus Tom Hunting Comment New Musics
04/10/07 Lizzy Borden Shoots New Album Cover
04/10/07 Michael Angelo Batio Featured In "Shred"
04/10/07 Ian Gillan "A Journey In Rock" DVD Details
04/09/07 IMMORTAL Reunion Debut At Inferno Fest
04/09/07 Mustaine "This Is My Last Real Shot..."
04/09/07 OZZFEST 07 First Ticketing Details Revealed
04/09/07 Y & T To Take Part In Online Chat
04/09/07 Annihilator European Setlist Revealed
04/09/07 Alice Cooper New Album Delayed Til Notice
04/09/07 Atkins On Judas Priest "I Thought The......."
04/09/07 Machine Head's Demmel "Timeless Songs"
04/09/07 Kittie's Lander "Nice To Play IFO People...."
04/08/07 Velvet Revolver To U.S. Virgin Fest
04/08/07 Loudness The Complete Box
04/08/07 Agent Steel Comment On New Album
04/08/07 GWAR Set For Sounds Of The Underground
04/08/07 Whitesnake's Coverdale Response Hughes
04/08/07 Slayer's Lambora "I Don't Practice At Home"
04/07/07 Smashing Pumpkins New Lineup?
04/07/07 Velvet Revolver, Machine Head To Norway
04/07/07 Rob Zombie "Halloween" Official Trailer!
04/07/07 Sonata Arctica's Kakko Discuss New Album
04/07/07 Sharon/Ozzy Discuss Ozzfest 05 Feud
04/06/07 Ozzfest Good Value??
04/06/07 Ozzy Osbourne New Album Samples
04/06/07 RAVEN To Headline Monster Ball In PA
04/06/07 Attacker's Mitchell Go Back To Pro-Wrestling
04/06/07 $75,000 Dinner With Gene Simmons
04/06/07 RUSH "Snakes And Arrows" Entire History
04/06/07 Bach Looking Forward To Play With GNR
04/05/07 Gene "I Am More In Love With Myself Than"
04/05/07 Guns N' Roses Announce New Zealand Tour
04/05/07 Aerosmith Is The Priciest Act Ever Play CA
04/04/07 KITTIE Schedule Acoustic Performances
04/04/07 Slayer Cancel Roskilde Fest In Denmark
04/04/07 Megadeth Announce More U.K. Tour Dates
04/04/07 Slayer Cancel Finland Ruisrock Fest
04/04/07 Aerosmith Talking About Song Writing Procss
04/04/07 Dokken, Kingdom Come To U.K. Z Rock Fest
04/04/07 NIN "Year Zero" Entire Album For Streaming
04/04/07 Glenn Hughes Pushing Burn-Era Reunion
04/04/07 Marilyn Manson Confirm Lorca Rock Fest
04/04/07 Dimmu Borgir Talking About New CD Concpt
04/04/07 Machine Head, Clutch New Albums Sales
04/04/07 Poison/RATT Confirmed Tour
04/04/07 Alice Cooper Announce South America Tour
04/04/07 Tsangarides Talk About Making "Painkiller"
04/03/07 Manowar To Headline Magic Circle Fest
04/03/07 K.K. Downing Want "Adventurous" Setlist
04/03/07 Guns N' Roses Announce Australia Tour Date
04/03/07 Mortiis Vinyl "Some Kind Of Heroin"w/ Bonus
04/03/07 Blind Guardian To Play Finland Tuska Fest
04/03/07 Dark Moor "Tarot" U.S. Release Date
04/03/07 Manson New Single "Heart Shaped Glasses"
04/03/07 Poison New Covers Album "Poison'd"
04/03/07 Plant, Europe Confirm Greece Rockwave Fest
04/03/07 L.A. Guns New Bassist
04/03/07 Blind Guardian Confirm To GER Metal Heart
04/03/07 Queensryche New DVD/CD Due In June
04/02/07 Paul Stanley New Inspiration
04/02/07 Paul Stanley To Be On "The Footy Show"
04/02/07 Heaven & Hell Shoot Cut Short By Union
04/02/07 Al Atkins On K.K. Downing "Little Respect"
04/02/07 Type O's Steele "Internet Destroy Another"
04/02/07 King Diamond "Best Songs / Production"
04/02/07 Paradox's "Electrify" Album Coming Out OCT
04/02/07 Sammy Hagar Be Honored By Recording Acd
04/02/07 S.I.N. Recording New Album
04/02/07 Manowar Moscow Show Officially Confirmed
04/02/07 "The Blackening" Entering U.K. Chart
04/02/07 Priest Working On New Album Day And Night
04/01/07 Testament's Skolnick Audio Interview Online
04/01/07 Zakk Wylde "Guitar Solos Are Back Again"
04/01/07 Led Zeppelin "The Complete Songbook"